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Ok, I've read some of the archived posts concerning this question but I still need help.

The tank keeps clicking on and off. Assuming the pressure gauge is correct, the pressure is around 100. When the tank is off I can hear what sounds like water running. We can find NO sign of water leaking in the house. There appears to be no "shrader" valve that we can see and there is no valve to shut off water between tank and where the pipe comes in from the well except the one right at the tank. There is a shut off a few feet beyond the tank and then the drain at the tank.

The only things I can suppose is that the tank is waterlogged or somehow there is a major leak that is between pressure tank and the old hand dug well. (The house is probably between 175-200 years old.)

If the tank is waterlogged, how do we put pressure back in without the either valve? I hope and pray we don't have to dig up the line from the house to the well. It isn't far but it won't be easy.

Why do these things seem to happen late on a Saturday night with church the next day and DH has to preach?

-- Lavender Blue Dilly (, December 02, 2001


This question has been addressed many times in the past, just scroll to the bottom of the question page and its there in the water catagory.

-- mitch hearn (, December 02, 2001.

I just reread your post, missed the part about your reading the old answers. Turn off the electric to the pump, drain the tank, air will reenter through drain faucet. Close faucet turn pump back on, if you still hear water running check the flapper in the middle of toilet tank, after the system has returned to normal pressure. Normal pressure is in the 40 to 60 pound range, your pumps control relay needs adjustement. If you have a line break, a wet spot will appear over time. It could also be a defective foot valve, determine that by shuting off the supply to all lines that feed from tank and see if the pump continues to recycle.

-- mitch hearn (, December 02, 2001.

There are two different types of pressure tanks. The information given previously seems to be about the older style galvanized tank. However there is a different type that has a rubber bladder in it. It is usually smaller, has a weld joint around the middle of it and the shrader valve might be under a cap on the top. If you do find the shrader push the center in and if you get water instead of air the bladder has ruptured and there is water where there should be air. The only repair is to replace the tank. Welltrol makes a good one and it sells for around $100.00 It's a WX202 meaning it's a 20 gallon equivalent ( or equal to an old 20 gallon galv. tank ) If you had 100 pounds pressure in the tank there should be a relief valve located on the end of the tank tee coming in from the well and that valve should be weeping. That's WAY too much pressure!. The pressure guage should start the pump at around 20-25 pounds and shut the pump off at 40-45 pounds. Any more than that is unnecessary.

It seems odd to have that much pressure and hearing a leak but finding no water leaking. If you can get the well cover off you might want to take a peek in the well and see if there are any bubbles.


-- Ken in Maine (, December 02, 2001.

Thank you guys for your responses. We will attempt your suggestions. We turned off the pump last night just to keep it from kicking on and off.

There is no cap on the top of the tank for the valve.

Everytime something is done with the pipes/well/tank we are getting a lot of sediment. We have periodically drained water from the hot water tank till it runs clear to maintain the tank. Could the sediment be causing a problem in the pressure tank?

-- LBD (, December 03, 2001.

Update on plumbing...

The plumber came yesterday and replaced the check valve that keeps the water from flowing back into the well after being brought to the pressure tank.

The gauge on the tank is broken. Plumber said he could replace it but that it would probably break again so why bother.

The tank does have the shrader valve only it was around on the side next to the wall and we didn't see it.

Plumber also said there should Absolutely Not be a valve to turn off the water between the tank and well. There only needs to be a valve at the tank to drain tank and just beyond tank to shut off water supply to rest of house.

Thank you for your help.

-- LBD (, December 04, 2001.

Thanks for giving us the wrap-up on the story. It IS important for everyone to know how things turned out, or our archives are devalued.

-- Don Armstrong (, December 04, 2001.

I never took into consideration that the pressure guage might be broken. It is good to have an update on the story. It helps out for the next person with a similar problem.


-- Ken in Maine (, December 04, 2001.

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