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We are watchers of public TV and I am wondering if anyone remembers watching "are you being served again" with Mr Mole Turd. My husband constantly refers to this show and I would like to get him a few videos of the show for Christmas but cannot find any even on Ebay. If anyone has taped the show(I think it was on about 5-7 years ago)I am very interested. Thanks in advance! Cara Lewis

-- cara lewis (, December 01, 2001


That program still shows every Sunday night at 10:00 PM on OETA channel 12 out of Oklahoma City

-- charlie (, December 01, 2001.

It also runs regularly on NASHVILLE PUBLIC TELEVISON, cHANNEL 8, we enjoy it as it is a fun show. Would like to reccomend GOOD NEIGHBORS, if you have a chance to see it , don't pass it up.

-- Wayne & (LYN) Roach (, December 02, 2001.

Cara, "Are You Being Served" regularly plays here in Maryland on Saturday nights. They call it Brit Wit night.

Your title has "again" at the end. Is this a newer version?

We get a kick out of "Keeping Up Appearances" with "our Hyacinth".

-- LBD (, December 02, 2001.

Who is "Mr. Mole Turd"?

-- TomK(mich) (, December 02, 2001.

That is the correct title"are you being served again" It is a newer version but I haven't seen it for a long time. The same characters but in a different setting, I believe it was an Inn/farm. Mr. Moleturd was a farm hand.

-- cara lewis (, December 02, 2001.

Definately watch Good Neighbors if you can!!!! It really contrasts Homesteaders vs City People, and is absolutly hysterical! I'm trying to tape it as it is a very old series (like 20 - 25 years). I first saw it as a child and am now in my early 30's. You can't get very many of the episodes on tape, so taping off the air is the only way for me. Annette

-- annette (, December 02, 2001.

Are you being served is also on the BBCAmerica channel if you have direct tv.

-- ron bulinda (, December 02, 2001.

'Are you being served?' was the original BBC show. 'Are you being served, again?' was a much later, almost reunion type series featuring the bulk of the original cast all retired from Grace Brother's Department Store in some type of retirement home setting. Most of those shows are available to any PBS station. I hope this helps.

-- Gary in Indiana (, December 02, 2001.

Are You Being Served, Again? Old Mr. Grace died, and the store (Grace Brothers ) was closing, and he had invested the employees retirement fund in a old manor house. They staff decides to try and open it to the public as a sort of hotel. It is about their adventures doing so.

-- Joyce Dingman (, December 02, 2001.

Keeping up appearances is fantastic. I wished they'd made more episodes. It's one of the finer programs on tv in my opinion. Dan

-- dan (, December 02, 2001.

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