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Can anyone advise me on how to help my hen? I fear she may have gotten Sevin dust in her eyes, and now does not want to open them at all. I live in south Florida where fleas are out of control. Recently, my 5 chickens were severely attacked by sticktight fleas, and the hen in question seemed weakened by the event. In the process of dusting all the chickens with Sevin (as well as smothering the fleas with petroleum jelly), I think the hen may have gotten some Sevin in her eyes - she was weak before the dusting, but now refuses to leave her roost and just sits up there with her eyes shut. She can open them but is very reluctant to do so. Several days after being treated, the hen's fleas have dropped off most of her face and wattle, so I don't think the shut-eye has anything to do with continued sticktights. Normally, she is a perky, pushy bird. I am very worried about her.

Can anyone advise me on remedies for thi

-- shut-eye chicken (, December 01, 2001


I have never heard of using Sevin on any kind of livestock - only on trees. I have never used it so I don't really know all the uses. I do know that it is bad news healthwise. Do the directions say you can use it on animals? And do you catch the fleas and then smother them with petroleum jelly?

-- Dianne (willow, December 01, 2001.

Get some eye drops. squeeze a few drops on her eyelids and she'll probably blink from reflex. keep flushing her eyes with a few more drops.

Actually water may do the trick. I would soak a washrag with water and squeeze the water out so that it drips on her eyes to flush. I would do this asap. Good luck!

-- Buk Buk (, December 01, 2001.

Yep, Sevin dust (malathion) is approved for use on animals, including poultry; and in that case for sticktight fleas that cluster around the eyes. At the same time, the eyes can be a major avenue of poisoning by Sevin.

Malathion is an anticholinesterase compound, and can really run down a creature's system - after all, it's supposed to do that to insects, to the point of death. I'd be inclined to think your hen is feeling extremely run-down and unwell and tired, and I don't think veterinary treatment would be cost-effective. However, if you can nurse her along, she should slowly get better. This may even require feeding her baby-food and giving her drink with a turkey-baster or some such, or at least taking her off the perch and putting her in front of fooed and drink. At least, you need to get water into her immediately, and food soon - hens don't have big reserves. However, if you can maintain her strength, time should (or at least could) cure. If the poisoning was going to kill her (rather than getting her to let herself die because she doesn't feel well enough to bother eating and drinking) then it would have done it already.

-- Don Armstrong (, December 01, 2001.

Wow, you must have lots of fleas where you live!! Is it possible the hen is sick from the flea infestation and not the sevin? They(fleas) do cause anemia as well as parasites in all animals. The hen does need to eat and drink and I would deworm her and give her some antibiotics. Piperizine for the deworming and yes you can give a chicken injections ie penicllin. Good luck with the hen and I'd deworm all of the chickens

-- Karen in Kansas (, December 01, 2001.

I have a question regarding the use of Sevin. I have read the label and it says you can use it on dogs, etc. And my friend puts it in her nesting boxes with the nesting material to keep away lice. I am reluctant to use it in my nesting boxes because I read that egg shells are very pourous and I don't want the Sevin getting into the egg thus getting into us. Does anyone know about this issue? Yes, I would flush the eyes too with water and if the hen doesn't want to eat or drink I'd at least use a dropper or something to get water down her. Let us know what happens.

-- cindy palmer (, December 02, 2001.

I do dust my chickens about twice a year with Sevin, but never put it in the nest boxes. We get sticktight fleas here too...hate them!!!!! For the dogs and cats I use Avantage. I don't feel like I would want Sevin around the eggs at all, although I suppose when the hens sit down, they are bound to have some on the feathers on their behinds...oh well. I usually hold my hens by the legs and dust them upside down and not alot goes on their heads...but enough to kill the fleas. I have never had the eye problems you are having. Good luck!!!!

-- Jenny (, December 02, 2001.

Sevin dust is absorbed thru the skin and you should all wear gloves when dusting anything. I would bet it can be absorbed thru the eggshell but that is only a guess. Don't think I would put it in the nest boxes, maybe on the roosts if you have a major problem. Sure glad I live in Kansas where we only have flies, chiggers, mosquitos, ticks, and the occasional tornado!!

-- Karen in Kansas (, December 02, 2001.

I forgot to mention that I always wear gloves and a dust mask when I use sevin on the hens...and always stand upwind too!!

-- Jenny (, December 04, 2001.

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