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Can anyone who has used Acu-1 developer with 35mm Tri-X in the last 15 years please tell me your experiences with it. How do you find the shadow detail, what speed do you expose the film at, are the negs easy to print, what is the acutance/resolution and grain like? Finally are the midtones full, well separated? I would really appreciate only people who have worked with this combination extensively to reply.

Thank you

-- Paul Philips (, December 01, 2001


Acu-1 is a very fine grain developer. Accutance is also quite good. Only problem is they overrate the EI. My negs have come out somewhat thin. Probably a one stop boost is realistic. VERY IMPORTANT!!! Cleanliness is next to godliness with this stuff. It is intolerant of photoflo or any residue left on your reels from any other chemical. Suggest you wash tank, reels, etc, before you use Acu 1, Diafine, or Acufine (which may also be used as a one-shot. I just bought a new can of this stuff, and plan on trying it some FP-4+ soon. Would like to know what you end up with after you use it. Jim

-- Jim Meisenbach (, December 04, 2001.

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