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The following pairs of letters are related; used all over the place on a daily basis; what is the relationship? X T, P M, G I, B G.

The puter question is, yesterday when I start it I got a message stating: No spare stack pages/ increase settings in system INI/ 3sp left Can anybody transulate that into human and give me the kindergarden version of what to do?

-- mitch hearn (, December 01, 2001


Hi Mitch, I wonder if you still have a virus. I got two e-mails from you in my new e-mail, the first one was OK. The second one had an attachment. It was scanned and a pop up window came up and said "virus alert". So I deleted it. I think you should set up a hotmailaccount. If you want to find out if you have a virus, there is a free virus scan at You just answer a few questions, it downloads some files and then it starts scanning. It took about 1 hour for mine to check over 10,000 files. I have been running this every day, just to make sure I am virus free. So you might want to try this.

-- Melissa (, December 01, 2001.


I don't have the CPU brains for this one, but I have 2 thoughts.

1) was it a one time occurrence (no repeat today)? Maybe the pages became available when you closed the sytem down and subsequently re-booted.

2) What operating system do you use?

Maybe you can do a help search for the key words "stack pages" , "ini" or 3sp". I did a help search in Win 95, but no matches.

-- Rick (, December 01, 2001.

Melissa (and Mitch, et al) This morning I have found the following about e-mails. Netscape mail program allows you to see the TRUE sender of e-mail by clicking view, then headers, then all or full. What will appear is a bunch of jibber-jabber. You will see an addy for "from" (could show a fake or impersonating addy)....................

and organization (shows REAL addy). I changed my identity preference to _922, sent an e-mail to my ISP addy. I then saw the conflicting addys.

Down side : I can't find the headers, all option in "view" in Hotmail. No big problem except that I was hoping Melissa could see who sent Mitch's e-mail (Mitch's computer, or a troll).

Mitch: If you have not emptied your trash in your e-mail program, you should be able to click : trash, then a suspected e-mail (from a troll using a forum members identity), and double click or right click and open.

WARNING WARNING WARNING WARNING WARNING WARNING WARNING WARNING WARNING : While this could turn up a trolls true email address and his ISP to report them to, it could also subject you to a virus. My WEAKRick understanding of this is: for you to get a virus you would either have to intentionally open an infected attachment, or have an auto attachment opening e-mail program.

-- Rick (, December 01, 2001.

Could it be eXiT, Powder rooM...??? I give up Mitch. I think December is making me brain dead.

-- Debbie from S IL (, December 02, 2001.

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