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To all the ladies who initially responded to my request, I suggested a deadline to participate but I never got any response back. Don't know if it got lost out in space or if everyone is too busy for the holidays. That's ok if everyone is too busy. I will be making extra blocks thru out the year anyway. If anyone changes their mind and wishes to exchange blocks just let me know. Thanks.

-- Billie Sowell (bbsowell@earthlink.net), December 01, 2001


Sounds interesting, what were your plans? I don't recall hearing what ya'll wanted to do. I love to make quilts. Just finished one for my youngest nephew, born Thanksgiving day!

-- Nan (davidl41@ipa.net), December 01, 2001.

How does this work? I would love to participate.

-- miller (smillers@snowcrest.net), December 01, 2001.

I guess I missed your deadline post,,,,,,,,,,,I had some questions about how many blocks and how often we would be doing it before I wanted to make a committment.

-- diane (gardiacaprines@yahoo.com), December 01, 2001.

My idea was for a block exchange for every month with the block appropiate for the month. Example: Jan-snowmen,snowflakes, Feb- hearts, Mar-St. Pat's,windy kites, Apr-spring, May-flowers,baskets June-maybe your choice, Jul-patriotic, Aug-summerpicnic,ants, Sep- back to school,apples, Oct-fall,halloween,garden harvest, Nov- fall,thanksgiving,pumpkins, Dec-Christmas. These are just some examples.

They could be appliqued or a pieced design in appropiate colors or both. We could exchange blocks every month or wait 2-3 months to allow extra time for completing blocks. I didn't want people to feel pressured or feel that they had to be an excellant sewer. Exchanges are meant to be fun.

If you scroll down to the Older Messages (by category) and then scroll down to Crafts/Hobbies and click there it will bring up my initial question and responses. Go to the one that says Quilting Swaps (it's between Mushroom Dyeing and Rag Rugs:More help needed). There you can see what I was trying to do.

Just let me know who would like to so as to determine how many blocks to make. Thanks.

-- Billie Sowell (bbsowell@earthlink.net), December 01, 2001.

Dumb question time....do we each pic a month and make enough blocks for everyone for that particular month? Do we make sure that we have a 12 inch block or something that will match everyone elses in size? If so I would love to call dibbies on the snowman block for winter time somewhere like January or something? Let me know, it sounds fun!

-- Nan (davidl41@ipa.net), December 01, 2001.

I know that this sounds dumb, but I read back through the post in archives and I still don't know what you have in mind. I have made lots of quilts, but have never participated in something like this before. I think it would be fun. Can you explain it further for us slower people to figure out. Sorry! Thanks! :~D!

-- Nan (davidl41@ipa.net), December 02, 2001.

i'll let my mom know - she was interested if they could be pieced. i missed your post too, i guess - sorry!

-- leslie in mo (whomestead@hotmail.com), December 02, 2001.

OK, here's how a quilt block exchange works. Let's say 5 people are participating. Those 5 people would make 5 blocks(4 to exchange and one for yourself.) Then you would place your 4 blocks in an envelope and mail it to the person in charge. Also included in your envelope with the blocks would be a self addressed envelope with the same amount of postage as the one you are sending. Then when the person has received everyone's blocks they are put in the envelopes you provided and mailed back to you. You receive one block from everyone that sent blocks. Have I explained that OK? If not you can go to www.equiltblocks.com Thats where I did my first exchange.

As for my idea it was more for a year long exchange, that way everyone would receive 12 blocks. But I had never thought of everyone picking a different month, either. It doesn't matter I just want to exchange blocks with people.

-- Billie Sowell (bbsowell@earthlink.net), December 03, 2001.

My blocks that I will be making are 12". Everyone should make the same size block. That would make for a much nicer look.

If someone has a different idea for the quilt blocks that would be easier for them or even a different theme altogether, please say so.

I just like making blocks to exchange with others.

-- Billie Sowell (bbsowell@earthlink.net), December 03, 2001.

AHHHH! Now I get it! That sounds fun unless we are making them by the dozens! I wouldn't have time to do that once a month and get the homeschooling, farm chores, etc.. done, but if we are only a handful like we are right now, that is sounding like some fun! Half a dozen blocks once a month or every other month or so sounds great! I'm in!

-- Nan (davidl41@ipa.net), December 03, 2001.

Thanks Nan. Glad I could explain it to you. That's at least two of us to participate. I was hoping to keep it small so everyone wouldn't feel overwhelmed and would have time to complete their chores and maybe 5 or 6 blocks, too.

Shall we set another deadline of 7 Dec to participate. If you would like to participate let me know by 7 Dec. We have 2 at the moment. Thanks.

-- Billie Sowell (bbsowell@earthlink.net), December 03, 2001.

Well, Billie, looks like we are going to have a lap quilt! heehee! Let me know when you want to start swapping if no one else wants to do it with us. I wonder if some of them just haven't checked back onto this post for a while and missed it.

-- Nan (davidl41@ipa.net), December 06, 2001.

billie, i'm sorry it took me so long to respond. my mom said she'll have to pass on this for now, as she's just swamped with a million projects, Christmas, etc. sounds like fun, tho - enjoy!

-- leslie in mo (whomestead@hotmail.com), December 06, 2001.

Hi Nan, Looks like it is just us. That's OK. I should have some of my blocks ready by mid Feb. I'll be gone for three weeks in Dec and Jan. so I will begin as soon as I get back. Can't wait to get started.

-- Billie Sowell (bbsowell@earthlink.net), December 07, 2001.

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