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I don't know what is it exactly that purple cast I get on my negative (Verichrome Pan) everytime I develop in Perceptol 1:3(with minimal agitation). This is not insufficient fixing; is it physical development? Satin?

Regards Xosni

-- Xosni (, November 30, 2001


is Satin Satan's brother? search the archives on 'purple'. I tend to continue my washing, probably excessively, and my negatives clear. others have found their own solutions, that might work well for you too.

-- daniel taylor (, November 30, 2001.

It tends to disappear after through washing and scrapping (by my fingers). But what is it? The question still open.


-- Xosni (, December 01, 2001.

Sounds like the films antihalation coating.

-- Ted Kaufman (, December 03, 2001.

As Ted says, it's the antihalation dye in the film. It's meant to be destroyed by the alakali in a developer, but presumably, highly diluted perceptol doesn't do the job.
Verichrome Pan supposedly has two coats of emulsion, one fast and one slow in speed, which gives it its good latitude (and poor resolution!). This also makes the film very thick, by today's standards, and any dye in the emulsion will take longer to diffuse out, or be bleached by the developer.

-- Pete Andrews (, December 03, 2001.

After fixing the film and a short wash try putting the film in paper developer at working strength for a minute or two. The relatively strong alkali should bleach the dye.

-- Tim Brown (, December 04, 2001.

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