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More of a complaint than question. Why would CompUsa expect to keep business with their service. I took a Compaq laptop in 10 days ago because the battery wouldn't charge. I was told it would ship to Compaq the following day because the problem was on the mother board. I called today because they said repair only takes 10 days sometimes. They told me they will ship it today sould be back in two weeks. No explanation why it sat there for 10 days - no apology. Btw this computer has been in the shop 5 weeks out of the six months I've owned it. Doesn't speak well for Compaq. Too bad there are no lemon laws for computers.

-- ward hillyer (, November 30, 2001


Been in the computer industry for 18 years, I would never buy a compaq. Difficult to work on and unnecessarily propriety. Sorry to all you Compaq lovers out there.

-- john (, March 08, 2002.

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