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-- Anonymous, November 30, 2001


Koeman has done a good job this far. Ajax seems to play a more modern football today and not the kind of football that has kept Ajax away from success for such a long time. Keep up the good work Koeman!

-- Anonymous, October 09, 2002

I co-incidentally discovered that this website, Ronald Koeman.com is totally dedicated to our coach. There's some interesting stuff on it (biography, career statistics etcetera), but I don't like it, cos you get two or three very annoying pop-up ads when you visit it. They keep coming back, too. Which sucks big time. It's definitely not an official homepage. Apparently, Koeman does not care about the domain 'ronaldkoeman.com'...

-- Anonymous, July 07, 2002

R.Koeman is the best man on this place.

-- Anonymous, April 05, 2002

Gentlemen Did our esteemed leader outline his vision for the club over the next 3 to 5 years ?

-- Anonymous, March 22, 2002

Jim, Menno, great job with the interview. A quick question though for either of you guys. How was Koeman's personality?

As you stated its hard to think of him as the Trainer now.

After all what a player he was. His free kicks and long range passing were unbelievable! Top drawer stuff!

Fianlly, its time to win against PSV.

-- Anonymous, March 21, 2002

Our well-respected head coach celebrates his 39th birthday today!

Congratulations. My proposal to the team: why don't you guys give the coach three points on Sunday, as a birthday present? Seems a good idea to me :-)

-- Anonymous, March 21, 2002

Great interview guys...I see that Koeman is very optimistic and i like that.Plus i see that he is thinking a lot about this number 10 position...FINALLY!Someone had to do it...And generally what he said was right(about Zlatan,Knopper,VD Vaart e.t.c.)...The only thing that dissapointed me is that he said that Nikos is a lil bit like Zlatan (?!?!...This meant he doesn't give 100% i suppose...definitely not true)...And that he scored "a few" goals the past weeks but(well Mido scored 3 goals,and he became instantly a hero,and Koeman's favorite.Not fair,in my personal opinion.)...Anyway,things are going great for Ajax and i am very happy...But i see things not going so well for Nikos(i mean his future in Ajax),even though he offered crucial points when the team wasn't playing so well,and this kinda dissapoints me...Anyway,kick some *** ass!!!GO AJAX!!!

-- Anonymous, March 20, 2002

Koeman is the man who Ajax needs to go to the top of Europe.After the Ajax time Barca should sign as a head coach. 20-may-1992.Koeman goal!!!!!!!! For the best central of EUROPE

-- Anonymous, March 06, 2002

I think Koeman will do a good short term job as head coach of Ajax. Sadly i don't see him wanting to stay for a long term. I think that is what Ajax desperately needs right now, long term stability under a good proven coach. We would all as ajax fans love to play the role of chairman and choose our own head coach... for me it would have to be Cruyff, Van Basten, or my preferred choice Frank Rijkaard. One thing is for sure, chopping and changing the coach as frequently as the board has done in recent times, will see Ajax continue to linger in the role as 'BRIDESMAID' to the other top clubs of Holland... never mind Europe. Only continuity with a good coach will gain progress. Good luck to you Mr Koeman.

Best Wishes to all Ajax fans everywhere in the world!

Mark Cooling (England)

-- Anonymous, January 18, 2002

Koeman did great things at the "almost bankrupt" Vitesse. I am sure that he will do the same here, at the time when Mr Van Praag and his gang stop acting like Moratti of Internazionale who easily hires and sacks a coach. Inter is a club of "mature" world class players so that a coach can be easily blamed or even fired for his disability to exploite such rich human resources. Currently Ajax has no players at Vieri's or Ronaldo's class, but we have many potential and talented players, in every position! Koeman will continue Adriaanse's work, it is developing the youngsters to fulfill their potentials and give Ajax trophies, but PATIENCE of everyone who get involved , in emotional or bussiness matter, in Ajax is a keyword for his success.

Ajax? History said that Ajax is much better than Inter, but

-- Anonymous, January 08, 2002

Rich, I have read the same report regarding Koeman's statement. I think he was referring to the fans' vulgarity and sometimes poor taste when they verbally attack someone, be it the ref or the coach etc.

But I do agree with you about the high pressures on coaches in the La Liga; when compared to other leagues, can seem brutal, alomst cruel at times.

So I guess Koeman was just venting a little frustration in his statement; probably (hopefully) nothing more than that.

Regarding van Halst, well, it's probably a matter of personal taste. I do acknowledge that we need someone of the calibre of a John van den Brom type of personality on the pitch.

-- Anonymous, December 28, 2001

Ijust read that Koeman is thinking of leaving Ajax soon because of all the pressure from the fans. He says that in Holland the fans show no respect to the coach while comparing it to Spain where he says the fans do respect the coach and the team.

To this I say, what in the hell is he talking about? In Spain the pressure is huge as its the toughest league in the world. He should know as his beloved Barca fan's are the worst. They ran Van Gaal out and he had them playing good football.

The problem with today's game is too many games, and its difficult for the players to maintain a high level on a consistent basis. Anyway, its really a joke though about his comments as we all know he is primed for a coaching position at Barca in the future. I just hope he is committed to Ajax as I like Koeman but this statement has me on guard.

Finally I wonder why in the hell Van Halst is back? He cannot play football. That is strike 1 for Koeman. Strike 2 is his recent comments (if they are accurate). I would have preferred a return for Bryan Roy on the left flank. What a shame as this guy was an extreme talent who as a youngster was thought of in the Gullit, Van Basten, and Rijkarrd class. Injuries and poor decisions playing for shit teams like Foggia, Nottingham Forest, and Hertha Berlin are the culprits rather forgettable decisions for Roy. Still I thought he played well the few times I saw him for NAC Breda last season.

-- Anonymous, December 27, 2001

Coeman is not that man Ajax need!

-- Anonymous, December 26, 2001

Koeman will bring Ajax back on top, well see this afternoon i hope, to bad i can't be there totday, i could not get any tickets for the game totday:(

-- Anonymous, December 23, 2001

Ronald Koeman is the best, i've seen him very often playing in the Dutch national Team, He's the best. All his powers wich he already have showed us, will be used to make ajax the ajax of 1995!!!

-- Anonymous, December 20, 2001

Cuper leading Inter to the top he? Oh now I understand why they lost of Chievo Verona this weekend in their own soccer stadium! haahahahaahaha

-- Anonymous, December 17, 2001

To answer Rich Savare: RK won't be taking the Barca job as long as Joan Gaspart is the President of that club. The man is a lunatic, and RK knows it. RK was witness to the horrible treatment Van Gaal received from Gaspart when he was Big Louis's assistant there. Gaspart is the reason Barca couldn't land Hector Cuper as the coach, who is leading Inter to the top in Italy.

-- Anonymous, December 17, 2001

No that wasn't quite my intention, its just that someone else's opinion doesn't have to be necessarry wrong either!

-- Anonymous, December 17, 2001

So what?

Does that prove my previous post is wrong or something?

Strange post...

-- Anonymous, December 17, 2001

Just wanted to let Menno know, that said before my comment of Vitesse playing weak when Koeman was coach there, was NOT so UNFAIR afterall as he thinks. If ya read the news papers Telegraaf and AD of yesterday about Roda- Ajax; they say too that Ajax is playing too "sweet" against their opponents just like Vitesse is.

-- Anonymous, December 17, 2001

Welcome to the Honeymoon period which every new coach seems to attract. Make no mistake Koeman has a very difficult job on his hands in that as far as I am aware no mention has been made by the board of any money available to spend on new players. Yes with the current crop we will win a lot more than we lose but the defeats will come against the top teams who can and will exploit our weakness at the back. We urgently need another central defender to release Chivu to run amoc and to set up our attacks and a terrier like Davids in midfield to do ..... well what Davids used to do. The forwards we have will improve with a better service and with confidence gained from success and the knowledge that the defence will not leak a hatful of goals.

-- Anonymous, December 10, 2001

I never said that Bastiaan...I know that Ajax played well,because all the players wanted to show their skills to the new coach...We haven't been humiliated by Fortuna,BUT from Kopenhaghen in the uefa cup and some smaller teams in the Eredivisie,if u remember...Nothing has changed yet...Koeman has to offer more than this win to prove he is a great coach for Ajax...I just wanted to say that Ajax has 3 GREAT strikers...I don't care who's the best striker of the 3...Everyone has a personal opinion...All i know is that Ajax CAN score...The defence is Ajax's big problem,and that's what Koeman must try to fix...Thank you...

-- Anonymous, December 05, 2001

Well like I mentioned the other day, it has already appeared on a website that I cannot remember at this time (Sorry about that) to be true that if Koeman gets and offer to take over at Barca he may leave. By the way with the current setup of Koeman and Krol is there any position for Van Basten?

What about the rumors again of Bergkamp and Bogarde?

-- Anonymous, December 05, 2001

I reckon this is a great dicision and he should get Marco Van Basten to help him. Just having around would be enough to lift the players

-- Anonymous, December 05, 2001

Geo may I remind you of Co Adriaanse's start with Ajax one and half year ago: at home 'he' beat Fortuna 5-0! We have never been humiliated by Fortuna ever. This victory has nothing to do with Koeman, apart from the fact that all the players want to get in the picture for their new coach. That's why they worked very hard. Don't overestimate the power of Koeman within 24 hours guys...

-- Anonymous, December 05, 2001

Nice to see that the "Special K" era began with a bang not a whimper. True, Dead Tuna stink like..you get the idea...but hey, 4 goals from strikers, a peno converted, and 0 goals against. Not bad for a guy who has been with his side 24 hours.

-- Anonymous, December 04, 2001

Hmmmmmmmm...The "supreme" Ajax strikeforce did quite well...4-0...Let me see...Zlatan scored twice(in 45 minutes of play only),and...Oh...even (heh-heh) Machlas scored in 45 minutes of play!!!And as we all know,Ajax's problem is offensive(sarcasm)...All three strikers are useless...Mido is not talented at all,Zlatan has no talent too,and Machlas is a nobody(sarcasm)...And don't start telling me about the opponent.I know it was a weak team...But as i remember,Ajax has been humiliated by this kind of teams in the (near) past...

-- Anonymous, December 04, 2001

Well ok maybe I do not know ANYTHING about soccer. I do not really care if somebody says that.

And well we'll see what Ajax will achieve with Ronald Koeman.

-- Anonymous, December 04, 2001

I haven't had the chance to watch Vitesse play under the helm of Koeman but its results (probably) speaks for itself. The most glaring statistic is its goals against - a mere 10. That's excellent. One cannot help but accept the fact that Ajax's defense will improve, perhaps by leaps and bounds.

But the second glaring stat about Vitesse is its goals scored - just 16.

One also likes to think that when in Ajax, Koeman will have the supreme services of the strikeforce of Zlatan, Mido and (heh heh) Machlas.

Sarcastic as the above sentence sounds, the fans of Ajax will probably see a much disciplined defence first rather than a sophisticated attack and I won't have much problems with that, to be truthful.

Another easy prediction is how Chivu will blossom under the tutorledge of Koeman - and that's exciting stuff.

All in all, it seems to be a very careful, long-planned chess game being played by the board of directors behind the decision to rid themselves of Co. Seems to me there was much more than just the good-old-poor-match-results excuse. People skills, team inconsistencies and the recent bad results aside, I will have respect for Co in that he dared bring fresh faces forward and DID present Koeman with an enviable circumstance to take over.

It's really not that broken to begin with....

...but more importantly, should Ajax succeed this year, much credit will go to Koeman and Co will have been forgotten. And that would be an injustice.

-- Anonymous, December 04, 2001

Andy wrote: "This is because since Koeman is headcoach Vitesse is playing weak"

This is a very unfair comment, Andy. Vitesse failed to qualify for the UEFA Cup in their last game of last season, which was unlucky. But apart from that, Ronald Koeman has done an excellent job in Arnhem. Don't forget that - after he joined the club - Vitesse got involved in the biggest and most complex case of swinfdle and tax fraud since the start of professional football in Holland.

The future of the club was uncertain, there was a whole lot of hassle regarding Karel Aalbers, the former chairman, players didn't know whether their salary was gonna be paid to them or nor - etcetera. Koeman, in my opinion, has done an excellent job in keeping things relatively quiet. Vitesse (as a team) never really collapsed, while all kinds of crap was going on.

A spectacular example of "people's management", if you ask me.

-- Anonymous, December 04, 2001

I'm have full confidence in Koeman. And lot's of you do not know what you are talking about.

Singing Dennis Bergkamp, Dennis Bergkamp, He's the pride of Mokum, He Scores in every game!!!!!!!!!!!!

-- Anonymous, December 04, 2001

Well I do think Ronald Koeman was a very great player, one of the best Holland ever had. And yea he did up quite some experiences with working as a coach. Still I got a different opinion about it. Look at what has become of Vitesse, the club he comes from. They missed out on getting qualified for the UEFA cup. This is because since Koeman is headcoach Vitesse is playing weak, they are not fighting to win like for instance FC Utrecht is. That is why Utrecht reached 'Europe'last season instead of Vitesse. And that is also why Utrecht won with 3-1 this weekend of Vitesse. So altho Koeman is a great guy, I do not think he is the right man for the job. I mean Ajax is not on its best as it already is and when they will get mentally weak just like Vitesse nothing good can happen!

-- Anonymous, December 04, 2001

Good article about Ronald's first day from Bastiaan: http://www.ajax-usa.com/ajax/news/01-02/1203-2.html

And good photo study at AFS:http://home.wanadoo.nl/afsspec/koeman/koeman.html

-- Anonymous, December 03, 2001

After the Vander-generation Ajax has now the RK-training staff: Ronald Koeman and Ruud Krol...duhhhhhh ;-)

-- Anonymous, December 03, 2001

I see the writing already on the wall. Koeman for 3 years then he goes to Barca. Then Krol will be the man in charge. Let's hope that Ronald gets things going! I have a lot of faith in him. He will have lots of work to do though.

-- Anonymous, December 03, 2001

Response to Head coach of Ajax

Coming up.

I've already translated the first reports (basically biograhies of Koemand and Krol) and sent them to Jim. Bastiaan and I just returned from the first training session. Bastiaan will write a report and he'll also translate the quotes from Koeman's press presentation.

Jim will put it all on line when California wakes up...

-- Anonymous, December 03, 2001

Response to Head coach of Ajax


Can we get a translated version of the articles that were published today on ajax.nl about our new man and his first training that took place this afternoon?


-- Anonymous, December 03, 2001

Response to Head coach of Ajax

Koeman's in! I wish him luck.

Ruud Krol is also in..... i saw him coach Egypt's national team and Zamalek FC (Mido's former team).... should be inteersting to see whether the Egyptian's striking ability flowers.

Good luck to both of them and until the next reshuffling. (hopfuly it will come from up top!)

-- Anonymous, December 03, 2001

Response to Head coach of Ajax

Ronald Koeman is a good choice. He knows what Ajax is about. He has an Ajax lineage. He has paid his dues and moved thru the ranks. He has experience in coaching. In my opinion, I think he will reap the benefits of what Co left behind. I also believe, his success will be based on what Co did in Ajax. I hope he sticks with this team and not make drastic changes and just make minor tweaks. I hope he wont go on a buying spree just because of the pressure of winning. I hope he will look from the inside because Ajax has a lot of young promising players. I hope he wont melt under pressure and forget about the Ajax system.

I just hope he wont forget to thank Co when Ajax become champions.

-- Anonymous, December 03, 2001

Response to Head coach of Ajax

I would like to see a triumvirate of Koeman(head coach) and van Veen and Blind as assistants. I think van Veen and Blind are valuable assets because they not only know the talent on hand( van Veen) but what is coming thru the ranks (Blind).

-- Anonymous, December 01, 2001

Response to Head coach of Ajax

Yeah, according to every source (except Ajax itself) in Holland, Ronald Koeman is a done deal (check the home page; just finished a report). We can consider that a 99.999999% certainty.

Here's the latest: AT5 Nieuws reports that Ajax wants 1970s Ajax and Holland captain Ruud Krol as Koeman's assistant. Until Friday, Krol was Louis van Gaal's assistant at Oranje.

So far, I've not seen this anywhere else than on AT5 TV, so I don't know... It does fit nicely into the picture, though. Since Co's dismissal, the story has been that one coach-assistant (Leo van Veen) can stay, whereas the other one (Peter Boeve) has to go.

I'd have to agree on that. Peter Boeve is a nice guy, but so is my dad. I've watched several Ajax training sessions and Boeve seemed to do nothing, really. To me, he seemed completely superfluous.

-- Anonymous, December 01, 2001

Response to Head coach of Ajax

Wow, surprise to me, I thought that would be Rijkaard. But Koeman's great! Ronald Koeman is undoutedly far far better than Rijkaard.I am really looking forward to a successful season under Koeman's management. But is that certain? None of them have confirmed it yet.

-- Anonymous, November 30, 2001

Response to Head coach of Ajax

According to Daily Soccer its Koeman.....

Koeman revealed as new Ajax manager Amsterdam, November 30 (DS) Ajax have named Ronald Koeman as their new manager, according to Dutch sports programme, NOS studio sport. The manager of Vitesse Arnhem and long-time Dutch international follows Co Adriaanse, who was officially sacked yesterday. He will start his new job on Monday as he wished to manage his last game for Vitesse on Sunday against FC Utrecht. Vitesse chairman, Joe Vaessen was astonished at the news. Vaessen said, "There has been no contact with Ajax whatsoever, I had no idea at all".

Koeman played for Ajax between 1983 and 1986 before leaving for PSV, Barcelona and eventually finishing his playing career at Feyenoord in 1997. He scored the winning goal for Barcelona in their European cup victory over Sampdoria in 1992.

Koeman started his managerial career as assistant coach to Guus Hiddink for the Dutch national team. He had a similar role at Barcelona before taking over at Vitesse on the 1st of January 2000. Together with the top job at Ajax, Koeman had also been linked with Barcelona and with the now vacant Dutch managerial post, after Louis van Gaal's departure this morning.

Link: http://www.dailysoccer.com/country/Netherland.php

-- Anonymous, November 30, 2001

Response to Head coach of Ajax

The new trainer of AJAX will be: Ronald Koeman! The former Ajax and Barcalona star. The sportprogram: Studio Sport is saying this. He is a good man and trainer, i'll hope he will give Ajax the right boost.

-- Anonymous, November 30, 2001

Response to Head coach of Ajax

Well... Beenhakker said they will search for The Actual Next Coach straight away, rather than having a temporary Westerhof type guy. I think they'll contact NAC's Henk ten Cate and Johan Neeskens (NEC) but I also think those guys won't quit their current clubs in the middle of the season.

What I *think* will happen is Danny Blind and Leo van Veen taking over until the end of the season, and then they'll sign Frank Rijkaard, with Maco van Basten (and, unofficially, Johan Cruijff) as his advisors.

The last rumor I heard is also interesting: they are said to prefer a foreigner. There's a few foreign coaches who always say they're fans of the Ajax system: Ottmar Hitzfeld (Kraut) and Jorge Valdano are the most famous ones. Who knows... I don't take those stories too seriously though.

-- Anonymous, November 30, 2001

Response to Head coach of Ajax

The best thing to do is,let Blind finish this season as headcoach. In the mean time,sack all whom are responsible for hiring 3 coaches in even so many years. Install a new board of directors,only ex-Ajax players or ex-national team players,men who know the game. Stop this what we call adhoc policy,at the moment the Dutch media is spreading the news that Snowflake AKA Ronald Koeman is going to be the new headcoach,well the idea is ok,but at the moment he is the coach of Vitesse Arnhem,and Ajax has to pay a certain amount to buy off his contract at Arnhem,waist of money,just wait to the end of the season,and then make a decision. FIRST of all claer the boardroom!!!!!!


-- Anonymous, November 30, 2001

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