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Was just wondering. Anyone from western Okla. out there? I'm the new kid on the block looking to see if there are neighbors around. All of the give and take is interesting.

-- charlie (, November 29, 2001


Charlie, Lived in Western OK a few years back. Lived in Taloga in Dewey County. In KS now, just 1/2 mile north of the state line. North of Tulsa. Where in Western OK are you??

-- Belle (, November 29, 2001.

Hi there Charlie, I am in OKC, have land over by Dibble, but it isn't big enough for our needs so still looking for a bigger place.There is alot of us Okies around here.

-- Thumper (, November 29, 2001.

I'm native to Washita Co. living near Enid becauseof job. Knew there were some of you out there because we've got the best growing season and climate for gardens and homestead. I've been homesteading most of 60 years, not intentionally but because of poverty. Have had lots of critters and enjoyed it all.

-- charlie (, November 29, 2001.

One here from Checotah!

-- Nancy (, November 30, 2001.

I was born and raised in OKC - living in KS now. My hubby was raised around Eakly. We have family in OKC and in Weatherford. Oklahoma is a great place to live!

-- Cheryl in KS (, November 30, 2001.

I was born in Ardmore, and lived there till I was 16. Moved to Colorado for a time, now live in Texas Panhandle, 50 miles SW of Amarillo. Have relatives still in Ardmore, OKC, and Snyder, Ok.

-- Panhandle Phyllis (, November 30, 2001.

We're in Creek County, near Bristow. I don't contribute much, but enjoy lurking here.

-- Michelle (, November 30, 2001.

Near Tecumseh here. Love it soooo much, but am still trying to figure out how to keep grasshoppers away from everything.


-- Iris (, November 30, 2001.

Almost! From OK and moving back to our new land outside Norman in June. Wahoo!!!

-- witness (, November 30, 2001.

Howdy from another Okie! I agree it is the place to be. I have great neighbors, good soil for planting, plenty of rainfall(usually) and wouldn't want to live anywhere else!

-- Nan (, November 30, 2001.

Former Okie - acutally, an Okie From Muskogee - because that's where I was born. Lived in Tulsa until I was 14 and then our family moved to Fort Gibson, where I lived until I was about 35. My Mom and brother are still there and other family members too.

-- Terry - NW Ohio (, November 30, 2001.

Well, not quite western okla., you might say I'm in the extreme eastern part of western okla.. On the big lake of Eufaula, gee, wonder if there are any more here, besides nancy ( hi nancy)? Lots of shelf rock and clay here. my garden didn't do so well last year.

-- Dick Tracy (, November 30, 2001.

We live in Tahlequah. Marilyn

-- (, November 30, 2001.


We will literally be just down the highway from each other. The Norman area is great. But, my favorite in-town healthy restaurant closed, The Lovelight. It was a vegetarian thing and all the food tasted sooooooo good. Anyway, we will be neighbors when you move.


-- Iris (, November 30, 2001.

Yes we live in Sparks,Ok.between Chandler and Shawnee.Love Ok. every kind of land here,changes as you move down the road.Where we live it holds water after a rain try to drive on the ground you can fall thrugh about 2 or 3 feet.then in the summer you never have to over work your self trying to dig a holes,the ground get so hard no matter how hard or strong you are you can't break past the surface.Wore out many young man trying tried to put a mail box up and men in 30's couldn't get a hole even for that lol.but goat's sure do good and sheep,cow's Ok. for sure.

-- Pastor Hughes (, December 01, 2001.

Charlie, I'm from western OK. Close to the panhandle, honestly in the middle of nowhere! Lots of sage brush, yucka and horses.

-- cowgirlone (, December 01, 2001.

Born and raised in Greer County, now homesteading 45 acres in Garvin County. I've got a list on Yahoo, NewOkiePioneers, that's not real busy, but lots of nice people in it. All ya'll are welcome.

-- Judy (Lynne) (, December 02, 2001.

Hi, Charlie, I'm from Shawnee originally, living in Edmond since 1987. My parents met and married in Thomas, and hubby's old friend from high school lives there now -- his family owns the banks in Weatherford and Thomas, the Dickey's. If you know any Caldwells or Inmans, I'm probably related to them too, we seem to have them coming out of the woodwork! Hope all is well there, haven't been to that part of the state to visit in quite awhile.

-- Christine in OK (, December 03, 2001.

Hello all! I am originally from Ok. Born and raised in Idabel "God's Country" as some call it. I am presently in Georgia and hope to return to my native land in the near future. Eastern Ok is where it's at! Gotta love it!!

-- Marcus (, December 04, 2001.

Have a ranch about 30 miles south of Lake Eufaula, near McAlester. Have a daughter attending OSU in Stillwater and one in Shawnee attending OBU. Yes with two in college were broke! But I love the country and we are very rural. Raise, sheep, cows, horses have a blueberry u-pick, started a Christmas Tree Farm and I make soap along with raising bees forgot my chixs. So I just bragged by mistake but would love to talk to others from this State. Hi Terry in Ohio, I think I know you. Were transplants(4 years) so I don't know many people(yet)in Oklahoma, hard to meet when your really rural.

-- Debbie (, December 04, 2001.

WOW! Look how many Okies we have! I didn't realize there were so many here. I am in Eastern Oklahoma. Not too far from you, Marilyn. I love it here. We are only about a days drive from any climate you want, mountain, beach or desert.

-- Mona in OK (, December 06, 2001.

a few months later....west of tulsa. wind drives me nuts. other than that, way better than la.

-- laura (, April 09, 2002.

former Tulsan-American. really miss the severe storm season. no, really, honest, I do. nothing like it.

-- B. Lackie - Zone3 (, April 09, 2002.

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