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I use a lot of Ilford products, but not that the film, FP4+ seems to have confusion when using Ilfolsol S. Some times mentioned for 35mm are 4 min. 6.5 min. and also EI at 100 rather than 125. What is the correct time when used at 20 degrees C. THanks

-- Paul Nelson (clrfarm@westnet.com.au), November 29, 2001



From memory i think that the varied times that are quoted relate to different dilutions. 4 min sounds like a 1:9 dilution and 6.5 min a 1:14 dilution-both at 20 deg C. The general consensus is that development needs to be a minimum of 5 min so i would suggest that you go for the 1:14 dilution. Hope this helps Andrew

-- Andrew Buckley (da_buckley@yahoo.com), November 30, 2001.

The Ilford chart that I have quite clearly shows 6.5 mins for a 1+9 dilution and 9.5mins at 1+14 dilution with an ISO rating of 125. The 6 and a half minute time has always worked well for me, with a rating of 100 ISO.
Ilford's developing chart is HERE in pdf format.

-- Pete Andrews (p.l.andrews@bham.ac.uk), November 30, 2001.

I use FP4+/Ilfolsol S a lot for portraits. EI 125 and develop at 1:14 68F for 8 minutes.

Same times etc for HP5+, except EI 400 of course.


chuck k

-- chuck k (ckleesattel@yahoo.com), November 30, 2001.

I used the ilfosol s developer for the first time yesterday. The film was an FP-4 shoot at 125 iso. The film was shoot to place shadows at zone III. Most of the highights fell in zone VI, but my previsualization of the scene was highlights at VII so i overdeveloped it a little bit. The instructions read 4 minutes at a 1:9 dilution and I did 5 mins. I haven┤t seen the results on a copy but the negs. look good. maybe an extra 15 sec. wouldn┤t have done bad

My advise: Try 4.5 minutes at 20C║ (take a look at the temperature before the last minute of developing). Shake the tank for the first min. and then twice every 30 seconds.

-- marsal font (mussons@retemail.es), December 06, 2001.

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