Ok, here's the addy for the printable recipe cards

greenspun.com : LUSENET : Country Families : One Thread

Can't remember how to do the hot link, but here's the addy anyway:


-- Lenette (kigervixen@webtv.net), November 29, 2001


Thank you for posting this Lenette, I am on my way there now to check it out.

-- Terry - NW Ohio (aunt_tm@hotmail.com), November 29, 2001.

Those are really nice Lenette, and she even has some with chickens on them.:-). I like the jelly cupboard ones but wish the country stove ones were of an old fashioned looking wood cookstove.

-- Terry - NW Ohio (aunt_tm@hotmail.com), November 29, 2001.

Thanks! These are really nice!

-- Jo (mamamia2kids@msn.com), November 29, 2001.

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