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Lars, you and Rich and KB8 (main writers) did a continued story a few months back. There was a dream sequence and then this guy who didn't know who he was drove around . . . there was a body in his trunk. Do you remember the title or can you post a copy? I've been wandering through the archives, but I'm out of time today. Thanks!

-- (Lurker22@Tree.Street), November 29, 2001



-- (, November 29, 2001.


Yes I remember doing that. It was fun but I didn't save it and don't remember the title of the thread.

Whatever happened to KB8?

-- (, November 29, 2001.

Thanks, I'll keep looking, Lars.

I can share some of what's happened to KB8. Last July, his bride-to- be's father had a heart attack and lingered in the ICU at Riverside Hospital for several weeks before passing away. Her mom then got sick (probably stress and depression) and required extensive treatment before passing away. KB and J. were married, anyway, in August in a very small wedding. Both her parents were under insured and incurred some major medical and tax bills that required their house to be sold. KB allowed the younger sibs left at her home to move into his house, along with his uncle and aunt, who lost their home, while he and J. got an apartment (got all that?). Soon thereafter, he was downsized and is now toiling at a "clone-work" job. There's some other stuff, but I'll quit here. What I've shared is what they've told everyone who asks.

I wanted to find that story so that he could add it to his portfolio if he wanted.

KB is a survivor. I expect he'll be back in cyberspace before long. I told him that Oxy was back and that the board has moved. He said, "Hi, Best Wishes, and Happy Trails."

-- (Lurker22@Tree.Street), November 30, 2001.

Is this the thread, Lurker?

continuous story

-- Pammy (, November 30, 2001.

That's it. Thanks, Pammy!

-- (Lurker22@Tree.Street), November 30, 2001.

I've missed KB8. He was always fun. That's a pretty damn stressful honeymoon situation. I hope they handle it better than I could.

-- Anita (, November 30, 2001.

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