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My daughter wants to make "puppy chow" it uses Chex cereal and is coated in chocolate and then rolled in powdered sugar. I went ot he site but when I did a search nothing matched. does anyone have this recipe? Thanks!

-- Melissa (, November 29, 2001


Sure Melissa, I have never made them but have the following recipe. I was wondering if you can substitue real butter for the oleo. If you try it with real butter would you let me know the outcome? I also thought that the ones I ate had chinese noodles mixed in too but I could be wrong. Puppy Chow

1 box Rice Chex 1 C. peanut butter 12 oz. bag chocolae chips 1 C. powdered sugar 1 stick oleo

Pour Chex in large bowl. Melt chips, oleo and peanut butter. Pour on top of Chex until well coated, sprinkle sugar in bag, then pour chexs in and shake until cooled. Spread out to dry. Sprinkle more sugar on them if desired at this time.

-- Terry - NW Ohio (, November 29, 2001.

That sounds like "people chow"; isn't choclate supposed to be bad for dogs??

-- mitch hearn (, November 29, 2001.

Yes, chocolate is bad for dogs. This is a dessert/snack thing for people. We call it People Chow or Trash Candy. It is sooooooo rich.

-- Jo (, November 29, 2001.

Mitch, it's "puppy chow" for people. You are supposed to serve it in a new dog food dish. That's how I first saw it, and wouldn't touch it!

-- Jean (, November 29, 2001.

Thanks! She hsd it in school but didn't know how to make it. I figured someone here would have it.

-- Melissa (, November 29, 2001.

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