Where do we find info about film trasnfers from DV CAM (XL1) to 35MM. Want to get contact telephone numbers.

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We have done a film on DV cam (XL1). It's about 90mins.We live in uk. We are looking for a place who could give us a good deal to do the transfer anywhere in the world from DV CAM FORMAT to 35mm. As a end production we will be having the film on DV cam format with time coded.

Please RESCUE ME from this problem...................

UK Tel no 020 8665 9983 07984 88 11 80 (mobile)

-- ARUMUGASAMY VAENTHEN (vaenthen@plamerston.co.uk), November 29, 2001


Check out DuArt, a film transfer and post production house out of New York City. Their website is www.duart.com or call 212.757.4580

-- David Acuff (david_acuff@hotmail.com), April 26, 2002.

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