Lonely people

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Please remember to pray for lonely people. This time of year the suicide rate goes up. Being alone is one thing but being lonely is a terrible thing.

-- Cindy (S.E.IN) (atilrthehony@countrylife.net), November 29, 2001


And remember that He most often answers prayers through His willing servants. May we be such, by keeping our own eyes and hearts open to who we can help, visit, write, call, or otherwise uplift.

-- mary (mlg@aol.com), November 29, 2001.

Please pray for my daughter, Laura, who is a little bit down lately. She says she doesn't know what it is. She has good friends, and we are close as a family.

God blessed all of the people of the woprld, by giving his only son to die on the cross, to provide our salvation.

-- rick K (rick@notmail.com), November 29, 2001.

We had an eighteen year old boy commit suicide in our community this week. His funeral was today. So heartbreaking.

-- Barb Fischer (bfischer42@hotmail.com), November 30, 2001.

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