Minolta Autometer

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I presently use a Gossen Luna Pro. This meter is now 3 stops off and I'm having to deal with the mercury battery issue as well. Instead of getting the Luna Pro calibrated and buying the battery adapter available on the market, I have been looking at possibly buying a used Minolta Autometer II at a local camera shop for $75.00. Any comments on this Minolta meter and what type of cell cover is needed if the meter is used as a reflective meter. The meter in the local shop has no cell cover but I have seen covers that have a smaller hole as well as the incident covers. Thanks!

-- Ron Lawrence (ronnieig30@msn.com), November 28, 2001


I have an Minolta Autometer II. It's an excellent meter and requires no additional attachment for reflected readings; you simply remove to incident dome to make reflected readings. Mine has served me well for many years, although I seldom use it for reflected readings. For that I use a Minolta spotmeter. If you want a small reflected light meter, see if you can find a Weston Euromaster meter or a Weston V. Both are very good and readily available on ebay at a cheap price, usually < $30.

-- Ted Kaufman (writercrmp@aol.com), November 29, 2001.

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