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Hello Folks,

I have been in and out of several forums, BWH, CS, Etc. for a long time now and after just reading a post about Why Do You Lurk?, I thought I would post my opinion under a separate thread.

I like to post information that it pertainent to each forum and I spend a bit of thought in doing so. After forty-five years of living and a pretty good education, I personally think that I have something to offer many people. When a person post a question and I think that I have a solution, I offer it with as much humility as I possible can get out of my keyboard. IF I have the information in a reference somewhere, I either pull the reference and post it or I refer them to it in some way.

What makes me lurk and I think others do it for the same reason is the way people respond to the information I offer. Recent examples of these response are in current archives of Country Side and other forums if you want to check them yourselves.

If I post my religious beliefs on a forum I try to post them only as a follow up to another's beliefs. I do not criticize other religions as I know my own has been criticized long before computers were popular. But, I will not allow another persons religion to dictate that my is wrong because it is not the same as theirs. Christian or non-christian we all have our beliefs and do not like them criticized. The most recent example of this was when a poster said that everything in the Bible was TRUTH. I objected as gentle as possible with the though that somethings are not accurately written as they become second hand, third hand, translated into other languages, etc. That got me a host of emails, most of them negative.

Another recent post got me annoyed as to the fact that I did not separate my paragraphs when I was posting something. I had not known how to do that and just left it in one long paragraph of information. It was not even the fact that I had made a grammarical error, it was the attitude of the individual that annoyed me. My post was well thought out and I offered it to inform people about that subject. That individual overlooked the information by posting his lack of concern and the fact that I had made the grammerical error. This same person has done it several times to others. If that person does not have any interest in the subject posted, then HE should not waste time correcting the grammer or such of the one whom is posting the information.

One of the things that makes me lurk is the fact that there are some very angry middle aged men online that have nothing better to do than criticize everything that is posted. The above is an example of that I am sure.

I lurk especially in BWH alot as I feel that many post are not even relivent to the forum. No one really needs to know some of the information that is posted. As, example: I do not need to know if you have a cat to give away or that you are cooking ham hocks tonight or that your husband is missing! These things are just too personal for me to respond to.

Now, recently I have been more careful with what I post because of a situation on Country Side. The moderator there ran a check on someone because he thought that person was not what he claimed to be. He somehow followed that person's IP number and traced it to several other forums discovering that the person was not the age that he claimed to be. He went as far and to claim that since that person was not a teenager and that he had posted on a couple of Teen Chat Rooms that he must be a PEDOPHILE! Now, he deletes any post that person makes on Country Side.

If, my IP number is traced backwards to the other forums that my family and I visit, I think that I would be considered a PEDOPHILE as well, since my teenage daughter goes to those sites using the only computer that we have. But, I am the only one that post on Country Side. That same number could connect me to the Teen Chats and I could be accused of the same act as he accused the one he deletes.

Another reason I am careful as to what I post is the fact that one person on Country Side attempted to sabotage my computer with a virus. Another one on Backwoods Home sent me two viruses. Fortunately, I have BOTH McCaffree and Norton Utilities installed in my system and updated WEEKLY. It was McCaffree that caught all three viruses before they were downloaded.

When it comes down to it, PEOPLE ARE STILL PEOPLE. It does not matter whether you live in some dirtbag city or on the open plains. You will find them everywhere. Those kind of people are the suppressives of this world and they will do whatever they can to destroy any positive flow of information that decent people offer to society. They have been surprisingly few on the internet until just recent years. I think that since you can buy a computer cheaply now a days that many of those suppressives can now afford to spread their virus's and anger to a wider range of people, instead of their neighbohoods, families, and workplaces.

My lurk or not to lurk? It really depends on whims of a misguided group of people as to whether or not they will attack the information that I offer.



-- (, November 28, 2001



Thank you, I wish I could have said that as well as were able to, I agree with so much of what you just posted.

-- Terry - NW Ohio (, November 28, 2001.

Agreed Ernest, a family puter is not a tract record of any individual. Beat you to the last one over there though!!

-- mitch hearn (, November 28, 2001.

Ernest, keep your chin up, I always appreciate your input and opinions and you have ALWAYS been gracious and kind, even when "under attack". Don't let the jerks/trolls of the world get you down. Gosh, for years I have always used a real addy and even Joel couldn't get the "Men In Black" to catch me.

I have the advantage of having one of the BEST computer geeks in the world to "arm and defend" my computer, my dear brother custom built and set up everything I have, clear down to the Norton Corporate Edition anti-virus hardware. To him I am sooo grateful!

The current virus bug will pass, a few weeks ago there were tons of Sircam Worm Viruses filling my e-mail box every day, after a bit they quit, and now there are no more fortunately!

And we got to be thankful for the dandy mild fall weather that has been sticking around so long this year, heck, we rode the Harleys just last weekend, how often can you do that in late November without freezing some very important body parts off?!

Keep on posting Ernest, trolls be d***ed!!!

-- Annie Miller in SE OH (, November 28, 2001.

Well put my friend. I agree that you shouldn't be offended by those who have nothing better to do but criticize. I do understand, though. I have never been successful making paragraphs on this server. Let me try a double "carriage return".

Did it work?

BTW - I surfed your site, and liked it. Your new house is charming. We will be building an outbuilding this year, to live in while we build a more spacious home. As far as Ken's deleting that poster, I would rather err on the side of caution, but you make good points against his action. See you around.

-- rick K (, November 28, 2001.

Hey ernest, long before I ever posted on any sites, I have read the things you have written and thought you have a very intelligent attitude and I have a great deal of respect for your opinions. that is one of the reasons I started this forum, becasue of the general rudeness and lack of respect that other people have. I wanted a place where ideas could be exchanged without being humilated or embarassed. I agree with the points you have made. Just like the paragraph one, (which I see you have worked out!) the person could have told you in a kind way instead of so abruptly. Sometimes it isn't what you say it is how you say it!! You are more than welcome here!

-- Melissa (, November 28, 2001.


I really have always liked the things you've posted. I've also been to your website and really envy your lifestyle. Don't let anyone tell you that your choice to do anything is wrong. You have a good heart and it has always shined forward.

Oh, and btw, I just learned how to make paragraphs myself. lol Some folks just don't have enough to do, do they? Maybe they should try living off-grid for a bit and then they will not be able to find time to criticize others.

Oh, and another thing ... lol, because of you, I am now talking my sister and her fiancee into doing a group garden with us for next spring with a chicken mote around the garden. Such a wonderful idea.

Please stay as you are.


-- Iris (, November 28, 2001.

Thank you for saying it all so well. I always have thought you have a great way with words.

I agree that the forums tend to have alot of things lately that are not very relevant to a Homesteading forum, and tend to lurk alot more lately.

I appreciate your opinion and love your website.

-- Jenny (, November 29, 2001.

Hello Folks,

Thanks everybody for your confidence and support!



-- (, November 29, 2001.

Ernest-I allways like your posts-you seem very thoughtful to me. This is really the only forum I go to. I sometimes go to Countryside, especially if I want information on something, but I'm inclined to look up stuff in Archives rather than post a question. As much as I like posting here, I really don't have time to go to any others and keep track of things, and often, even here, I come in on the "Tail-end" of discussions. Many, Many times I don't post anything because others have said what I wanted to say much better anyway.

I've used the 'Net for years doing research but forum-posting is very new to me-I've only done it a few months. It seems to me that many posts are really arguments or really silly questions. I don't mean someone asking for real information-when we are learning something new, we all ask what we think must be silly questions, but to learn a new skill, you have to ask those basic questions, I don't mean that at all, I mean stupid stuff-I think they do it to get a rise out of people. I just don't have time to wade through all that stuff.

I like this forum because people are polite and respectful, and not snarly like some other places.

-- Kelly (, November 29, 2001.

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