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I have used impro for ten years. Recently I started using inszoom and looked at a few other internet based programs such as lawlogix. I also have an access database program where I enter info on client cases and also bill them.

Your software seems to merge the form functions and database info. management functions but is not internet based so a client can not view the info.

Questions: Can you email the forms to the client How does your software compare with the softwares I have mentioned above.

-- Elsa Gonzales (, November 28, 2001


For most users, our real strength is that we have simple, well-planned interviews for most kinds of applications. After you enter data in one legible interview form, you press a button and print out all the necessary forms at once. If you are using the program to generate forms (and for basic tracking or billing), it's nice to have a program where the core feature works well.

For database lovers, Filemaker Pro is easy to program and it is relatvely easy to integrate our program with your own custom programs for practice management, etc. Similarly, FileMaker is widely used for generating web sites and you could have a lot of control over how you open your database to your clients.

Downsides to our program. 1) We have mostly Mac users and don't provide intensive Windows support. Our Windows users are people who formerly used Macs and found that the Windows programs they tried out after they switched were harder to use. 2) You need to have a PostScript laser printer. These are better quality and usually cost $500+. 3) We can't yet generate forms as pdfs for emailing to clients. 4) An annoying minor quirk is the inability to edit some fields on the forms themselves. A few edits have to be done in the interview form.

-- Michael Boyle (, November 28, 2001.

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