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This was sent to me. No way to give the author credit.Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

HOW TO BATHE A CAT 1. Thoroughly clean toilet. 2. Lift both lids and add shampoo. 3. Find and soothe cat as you carry him/her to the bathroom. 4. In one swift move, place cat in toilet, close both lids and sit on top, so cat cannot escape. 5. The cat will self agitate and produce ample suds. (Ignore ruckus from inside the toilet, cat is enjoying this) 6. Flush toilet 3 or 4 times. This provides power rinse, which is quite effective. 7. Have someone open outside door, stand as far from toilet as possible and quickly lift both lids. 8. Clean cat will rocket out of the toilet and outdoors, where he will air dry. Sincerely, The Dog

Little bit Farm

-- Little bit Farm (, November 28, 2001


LOL! Geez, I hope the PETA people don't jump on you! That's just too funny!

-- Cheryl in KS (, November 30, 2001.

Ever notice that radical liberals simply don't seem to have a sense of humor? Just take a look at Hillary's face next time President Bush speaks before Congress.

Little Bit Farm

-- Little bit Farm (, November 30, 2001.

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