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Hi again everyone. I found this on one of the Yahoo sites. The ones I got email from I do not even go to any longer and unsubscribed, so I do not know how they used my address except out of the archives. The only caution I would add to this info, is that I have read you can get infected by just reading the email. Do not know any of this for sure as I am no software expert. notnow or call me "Bianca" as that name starts with the same letter as my name. :o) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Subject: Re: virus emails delete

It has nothing to do with being involved with poultry sites, Yahoo or any other one factor. This virus is now #1 on the world wide threat list and is attacking everywhere.

When someone gets infected it starts by setting up shop on your hard drive and reading your files to extract useful account information and passwords that it sends to an email addy that may be accessable to the person who started it - if the account had not been closed.

Next it trys to use your computer to travel.

It will send itself in the guise of a reply to any email you have stored on your computer, those useful messages you have saved to look at again later. That is why poultry folks get the impression that it is poultry related - it is our old emails on someones computer that got infecetd that are the problem.

After that, it sends itself to everyone in your address book, going out as simply Re: with no title.

Unless you have your email reader set to automatically open attachments (if you do, you deserve to be infected) you will not be infected until you open the attachments, which have many different names in what appears to be an effort to confuse antivirus software.

-- notnow (, November 28, 2001


Also Melissa, I do not know if you have read on the posts below, but I have recieved two emails from a cmorris type address at Country families. I do not know how this could be yours if you are not opening posts. Perhaps the virus got your email off of some other computer? I am not opening anything. "Bianca" :o) or notnow

-- notnow (, November 28, 2001.

Hi notnow. I always use cmnorris or the me@home, not the other. I am pretty certain I ma virus free, but there is always that chance. I am not opening any e-mails right now, just deleting as I get them. I will check through our posting and see if there are any cmorris but I don't recall ever seeing any.

-- Melissa (, November 28, 2001.

There is no cmorris who has ever posted on our site.

-- Melissa (, November 28, 2001.

I went through all our email folders and copied and deleted the files and the trash can of any beginning info from newsletters that we describe to and any orders that had tracking numbers and such on them. I had never noticed that acknowledgements from newletters you subscribe to will actually print out your password on them sometimes. I won't keep any of this info in the computer any longer.

-- Terry - NW Ohio (, November 28, 2001.

"Describe" to? :-) Of course I meant "subscribe".

-- Terry - NW Ohio (, November 28, 2001.

Hiya, Maybe the virus just mixed up names or something from what it read? I do not remember the exact virus address. In the subject it said "Country Families" and nothing else. That is odd too, since on the email from the forum it usually has something about a post. I got another today from a different site and a different name. Just deleted it. You probably do not have it(the virus). Makes me wonder if part of my address is being used even though my system is o.k.??!! I think enough people know not to open them now though. Sorry to worry you if you don't have it.

-- notnow (, November 29, 2001.

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