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I am interested to know of anyone's experience with this developer, especially with Pan F+, and APX 100.

-- Patrick Doyle (konew1@yahoo.com), November 28, 2001


I used diafine and I like it a lot with Tri-x. The two bath development fascinates me, that is why I'm experimenting with divided D-76 at this very moment. Diafine is a speed increasing developer and I see no use of it in combination with Pan F+ or APX 100.

-- Frederik Boone (frederik.boone@harol.be), November 28, 2001.

I have used this one as well as DD76 for years. Diafine has the acutance of say, Rodinal (really nice sharp edges) and extremely fine grain. APX has a glow and I liked Pan F with it also. I shot them at ASA speed and got beautiful neg. both in roll and 4x5! It keeps the contrast down which is inherent with Pan F. You won't get to much of an increase of speed but your shadow detail will be there! I say get the gallon mix and do a roll in Diafine and another roll of the same setup with your favorite soup and then pull prints from each... you might be a convert!!! Cheers

-- Scott Walton (scotlynn@shore.net), November 28, 2001.

Both Pan F and APX 100 are beautiful in diafine, using the recommended exposures. I like APX better in diafine than in rodinal, which is the usually recommended developer.

-- John Fleetwood (johnfleetwood@hotmail.com), December 03, 2001.

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