I am SO UPSET!!!!

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I did not send e-mails to anyone on this forum....apparently, some misguided soul used my e-mail address to launch a virus to other folks..I even got one sent to ME FROM me! This afternoon when I posted a response, all of a sudden I got over 16 e-mails back saying that my e-mails had been rejected because of a virus...I had sent an e-mail to my youngest son yesterday and it too came back as a virus reject! I went to an anti virus site and scanned my computer...there it was, the "Bad Trans" virus in three files. I am in the process of downloading Norton..takes about 4 hours with my zippy system LOL....As angry as I am, I want the person responsile for this little escapade to HEAR ME LOUD AND CLEAR: God says to be angry, but do not sin....I will devote my entire evening prayers to your salvation. You must be lonely indeed to put forth so much effort to disturb other folks...I feel so sorry for you and will keep you in my prayers.

-- lesley (the REAL one) (martchas@bellsouth.net), November 27, 2001


Lesley, I just checked my e-mail and recieved one from HOOT. My Norton antivirus caught it though. Like you said, it's the Badtrans virus. Maybe we all should pray for this individual tonight. I will be.

-- Jean in No. WI (jat@ncis.net), November 27, 2001.

Hi, Lesley - I got one of those "lesley" emails, but didn't open it, so no problems here. Don't worry - I don't think anyone really thinks they're from you. There's been a lot of this stuff going on lately - fools using good people's email addresses. Hopefully it will end soon. And hopefully, God will get the message through to them that there are better, more constructive things to be doing with their time.

-- Cheryl in KS (cherylmccoy@rocketmail.com), November 27, 2001.

I have Norton, but 'badtrans' is not in my virus list, and I have the latest updates. What's up with that? I'm running a scan right now to see what, if anything it turns up.

I got an email from Mitch, with no real message in it. I wasn't thinking and opened it. So I don't know if I'm infected or not. Don't open any emails from me!

-- Joy F (S.Central Wisc) (not_telling@this_time.nut), November 28, 2001.

Here's my question: does just opening the email infect you? I understood that virus came in only through attachments. I opened the email, but when there was no text, deleted it. So, am I infected or what?

-- Randal (randal@rhyme.cjb.net), November 28, 2001.

You would know if you were infected. Your whole system would basically crash. You can open the email but do not open attachments. keep your preview bars closed for extra protection.

-- melinda (speciallady104@hotmail.com), November 28, 2001.

Lesley, I just checked my yahoo email and did indeed have one from you! I did not open it, just deleted it. It was 40k (?) long so apparently contained a lot of stuff! I'll never know what it was!

-- Barb in Ky. (bjconthefarm@yahoo.com), November 28, 2001.

I'm using Netscape, so fortunately the attachment didn't survive the passage.

-- Randal (randal@rhyme.cjb.net), November 28, 2001.

I've been reading that you can get this merely by clicking on the mail without opening the attachment. I've had this sent to me maybe 8 or 10 times in the last few days. Ya'll may as well know I'm computer illiterate, and do not even know how to send an attachment, so if you get anything with an attachment from me, please delete.

-- mary (marylgarcia@aol.com), November 28, 2001.

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