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Hi Everyone,

Does anybody have any experience with this combination? Or any experience with Viradon they would like to share?

Thanks in advance,

-- Kevin Kemner (, November 27, 2001


Viradon smells a lot, but is very easy to use as a one bath toner. It works best with chlorobromide papers, warm tone papers, and not at all with some bromide papers.

-- Patric (, November 27, 2001.

Somewhere or other I read the Viradon tones _more_ with higher dilution, contrary to what logic may indicate. Also, you have to use the HCA afterbath to make it stop toning.

I've used Viradon a couple of times with Ilford Warmtone; it toned too yellow/red for it stank.

-- John Hicks (, November 27, 2001.

Viradon stinks a bit. Plus, the tone is not controllable except by removing the print halfway through the toning process. I prefer a two step toning process like the bleach and redevelop which is done with most sulfide / sepia toners like Tetenal and Fotospeed. There is much more control, and I like the deep chocolatey browns they can deliver. Added bonus - they dont stink.

-- Vincent (, November 28, 2001.

Viradon is a beautiful toner. I especially like it with the Forte warm tone papers. My only complaint is the white slime that seems to collect on the surface of the print. After giving the print a bath in 10% sodium sulfite to prevent post toning, I usually take a soft sponge and clean it off while in the wash tray. This usually works but it's a pain. I've been using Kodak brown toner recently and the results are similar only without the slime. Give it a try...its easy and it's cheap.

-- Walter Massa (, November 29, 2001.

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