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This is crazy!. That post from Mitch has been deleted. I can't get a virus just from reading on this forum can I?

-- Frustrated (, November 27, 2001


I deleted it(Mitch's post) because it had been added on to in such a way that no one could answer it, since it looked suspicious to me, I just deleted it and explained it in my thread. to my knowledge you must open the e-mail to get a virus. I just ran a 1 hour virus scan and there was absolutley nothing wrong in any of my files. I get dozens of e-mails each day, so I think they would show up on mine first. These viruses seem to come and go, so I would just not open any e-mail for a few days, and run a virus scan.

You can use your name here, that won't hurt, just use a fake e-mail for a while. Some are wondering if they can delete their real e-mail addy, and I will answer that I just don't have the time to do this. Besides if you have ever answered anything using your real e-mail, it can easily be found on google. So short of changing the address, I don't know of any easy cure. Sorry!

-- Melissa (, November 27, 2001.

Melissa, I have read that you did not open any of your emails. So how did I get two seperate emails from a cmorris type address???? I should have emailed them back maybe, but I just deleted them. Could this virus use your email, even if it is not on your computer? TTFN (I'm using a fake address, but it may do no good)

-- notnow (, November 28, 2001.

Notnow, I don't know, and I think everything I have ever seen you post here was using the fake-emil. I only use cmnorris so cmorris could be someone else entirely. I just don't know the answer to your question! I am not sending or opening any e-mails, so if you get one it is not from me!!!!

-- Melissa (, November 28, 2001.

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