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Please post your favorite Zelda midi here, the name of it, and a brief summation of why it's your fave.

-- Davey Rootbeer (Squal3lyfe@@yahoo.com), November 27, 2001


how do you do thia again davey? i want to put my favorite on aw yeah!

-- Rensokuken of hell (squal4lyfe@yahoo.com), November 27, 2001.

Just type EMBED SRC="URL". Go to Link's links to find a (what else?) link to a HTML site that might help you.

-- Davey Rootbeer (Squal3lyfe@@yahoo.com), November 27, 2001.


-- Deathscythe (deathscythe_2@hotmail.com), December 08, 2001.

Thanks. It's called "The ship" from FF1.

-- Davey Rootbeer (Squal3lyfe@@yahoo.com), December 08, 2001.

clock town

-- william hachmeister (uct3@yahoo.com), February 21, 2003.

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