Kodak London's Brownie Six-20 Model D

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I have this beauty of a box camera, the model with flash contacts (two prongs on the winding knob side); it also has a built-in close up lens that really works! Anyway, I'm writing today to let everyone who has one of these cameras know that - if you don't already have the flasholder that goes with it - the Flasholder that goes to the Brownie Reflex Synchro model fits perfectly! The bracket for this is exactly the same as the one that fits the Model D. All you have to do as far as modification goes, is lift the little piece of metal that holds the flash cable to the reflector, so you can take the cable away from it, and then take it across the body of the camera and plug it into the prongs. I happened to see this lovely little item on ebay and bought it, hoping it would work, and it did! It seems to be synched for any size bulb, too - unlike some Kodaks that require the user to place the shutter in "B" for size 5 and 25 bulbs - I inserted my adapter in the reflector and flashed an M2 bulb on "I".

If I was able to get one of these, I imagine there are more out there. Get one and give it a try!

-- Pete Lutz (mariner8378@hotmail.com), November 27, 2001


Yep, I was right - there *are* more out there. I recently acquired a big box of camera stuff and there was another one of these flasholders in there. Anybody want it? Make me an offer!

-- Pete Lutz (mariner8378@hotmail.com), January 07, 2002.

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