can we be forsed to sell our house now that we have been discharged : LUSENET : Repossession : One Thread

we have been discharged from our bankcruptcy but the official reciever says he still has a vested interest in our house where do we stand

-- lois mary butcher (, November 27, 2001


You need to enquire officially why the OR still retains an interest. It may be that your property has a significant amount of equity value in it, which he is obliged to realise (by asking you to re-finance or sell). If the property has no equity, then you could request a formal review of his position. The bottom line is that you have an asset and that should be used to repay creditors. It's basically up to the creditor's (they are asked) and clearly someone wants their money.

-- Too scared to say (, November 27, 2001.

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