worm juice - how often on vegies?

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Hi, can anyone tell me how often is too often to fertilise my new vegetable seedlings with organic liquid from our worm farm - we've got buckets of the stuff but I'm not sure how often to use it on the vegetables (they're in pots as we are in a tiny suburban garden).

-- charlotte wood (chwood@ihug.com.au), November 27, 2001


Worm juice - as often as you like

Charlotte, I use the liquid from my worm farm regularly on the vegies. I add approx 1 ltr of castings to 10 ltrs of water. I have read that worm castings and the associated liquid (which is just the worm urine and the liquid leaching out of the products you are putting into the worm farm for the worms to feed on) will not burn plants.

-- Simon Morrison (s_morriso@yahoo.com), June 21, 2002.

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