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We have just heard the news. Devon is to be declared Foot and Mouth free at midnight. Praise the Lord. This has been a terrible thing here, covered up by a bungling government department, who are more concerned about keeping their jobs than getting to the truth behind what has happened.

Many herds and flocks have been destroyed, along with farms, families and lives. Many rare breeds have also been destroyed. When movement of livestock gets easier we are going to get two Tamworth pigs. They are on the critical list.

Is foot and mouth being discused in the US or has it been passed by due to September 11th and the war?

Reading this it sounds like I'm bitter and mad, when really I'm really excited, sorry I started to rant and rave. Lets hope FMD has really gone and never reaches your shores.

|Best wishes


-- Alison Homa (, November 26, 2001


So happy to hear your news, Alison. It has been terrible hearing about the devastation to the farmers in your country! What I haven't heard is the result now. Of course they say many farmers would go out of business, but now that it's a little later, what has been the result? What percentage of the loss has your government backed the farmers for?

It is still being discussed in the agricultural papers/magazines and in forums like this, but as you can imagine, the prospect of biological warfare has knocked that story (with so many others) out of the papers. You wouldn't know, for instance, that our economy is in terrible shape because of the media focus on the war. We know about it but cannot focus on it just now.

-- Ann Markson (, November 26, 2001.

Yea! I am so glad for you, it must be a terrible strain to have to live under something like FMD constantly. I know it has been a drastic blow to your economy, also.

What a tragedy that so many animals had to be destroyed, especially that some breeds may never be seen again.

I wish you all luck in getting your pigs soon, and God Bless!

-- Christine in Oklahoma (, November 26, 2001.

Dear Alison, We have not forgot your plight for one minute. We farm 750 acres here in Nebraska and fully understand the devastation. You not only lose your way of life and income, you lose your home. People here do not understand that at all. We are always condemed for being farmers and getting paid by the government to farm. They don't understand and won't listen to anything. We have a herd of cattle and we are always being warned yet as to what to watch for in our herds. People here are taking the FMD seriously as well as the threat of bioterrism. I am glad things are getting a little better for you. Cindy Herbek

-- Cindy Herbek (, November 26, 2001.

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