We've just been planting fruit trees

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We haven't lived here too long (6 months). We intend to be here forever, so this week we have been planting fruit trees. So far we have 2xpear, 2xcherry, 2xcooking apple, 1xgreengage, 2xcoxes, 2xplum, 6xeating apple. Now all we have to do is wait about three years to taste the fruit of labour!!

While establishing an orchard we have also started digging over the old vegetable garden (again). We are going to use this for soft fruits. So far we have 14 raspberry canes (transplanted) 10 blackcurrant bushes, gooseberry, rhubarb, red currants and strawberries.

What else can anyone susggest?

I am in England, in the South, where it is milder.

I ask this now ready to ask all the canning questions next year!!lol

Many thanks


-- Alison Homa (alison@mullacottfarm.co.uk), November 26, 2001


I love peaches, and blackberries. Peaches do well here in OHIO and I imagine your climate would be great for them. Blueberries are nice also, and they freeze well.

-- Melissa (cmnorris@1st.net), November 26, 2001.

Asparagus!!I know it's not a fruit, but requires a permanent bed.

-- melina b. (goatgalmjb1@hotmail.com), November 26, 2001.

I agree with Melina. It is time to plant or prepare for planting perennial veggies. Besides the asparagus, there's artichokes, horseradish, french sorrel and your permanent herb beds.

-- Laura (LadybugWrangler@hotmail.com), November 26, 2001.

We have grapes growing by our apple trees. They are fun for the kids to pick. (jelly and jam too) Just make sure they have a trellis or fence to climb. :o)

When we moved here to the mid west U.S. we brought raspberries, and only one survived the trip. In year two that one raspberry turned into about 10 big canes and at least 10 small shoots. Be ready to dig a containment fence in a couple years, and have fun!

-- notnow (notnow05@yahoo.com), November 27, 2001.

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