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: Turbulence date : 14Dec01 Venue : Atrium price : $10 before 11, $12 after Time : 9 PM 7 AM

LINEUP: DJ Bobby K DJ Orchid Cerebral Integration (DJ Origin, DJ Alder, DJ Don, MC Kemst) C.I. C.I. DJ Mayhem w/ MC Futuretense DJ Snyper w/ MC Futuretense Tag Team DJ Egypt, DJ Shiv w/ MC Iron Chef Tag Team DJ Proximal, DJ Twitchafect


HEADLINERS: *Cerebral Integration (Argon Records, Sunset Recordings,Progress-LA): Cerebral Integration is composed of three multi-talented deejays, Alder,Don, and Origin. Individually, they are some of the most often booked DJs in Los Angeles, and with good reason, as they are known for innovative sets and razor-sharp skills on the decks. When Cerebral Integration performs as a team with MC Kemst the heat really gets turned on. With plates from dozens of America's top producers, many dazzling original productions, and the energy to bring any crowd to a boil, CI is a sure fire way to ensure that this event will rock. As a group and individually, CI has played events with Bad Company, Kemal & Rob Data, DJ Hype, Dieselboy, John B, Mampi Swift, AK1200, LTJ Bukem, Ed Rush, Optical, and scores of others.Along with keeping the dance floor bubbling, Cerebral Integration provides entertainment for the more discerning DnB Trainspotters. CI is well known for their original productions. Their music is receiving incredible dub plate support from the likes of E-Sassin, JuJu, Odi, JO-S, Billy Lane, Tao, Nman, Bagel, Ransom and many more.

*DJ Mayhem (Shadow-Law Recordings, Format):With two years of djing out and six years of production under his belt, Mayhem has destroyed dancefloor after dancefloor and tune after tune. Recently released was "Stasis" on Brainshakaz Recordings in Denmark and forthcoming is "Macross" on his own Shadow-Law Recordings imprint as well as a collaboration between Mayhem, Rob F, and Impulse. Playing in cities such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, Philadelphia, DC, and all over the south east; big things are in the works for Mayhem. Playing dubplates from the likes of Rob F & Impulse, Cause4Concern, Pyro, Stratus and Benjie; as well as labels such as Virus, 1210,Metro, Argon, Renegade Hardware, Subtitles, and Negative.

*DJ Orchid (3DOT Productions, Klymactik Entertainment): To get you in the mood, DJ Orchids mesmerizing breaks will keep you trapped on the dance floor and ready to party. This female DJ/Producer has just released her new cd Killer instinct, one which is getting much acclaim, a great example of her skills. This Goddess brings new elements to the art of turntablism, listen as the sounds become one with her smooth mixing ability.

*DJ Snyper (Plurplanet, Science Funktion Recordings, DataFleX Kru, Vinylboy, Karma): Spinning since early 1997, Snyper has been a native to the Atlanta underground for quite some time. In June of 2001, teaming up with North Carolina's hardest hitting crew, DataFleX, Snyper started collaborating with some of the best dj's, producers, and MCs in the southeast and became a force to be reckoned with. His style began to include elements not seen or heard thus far...fusing the strong jump-up sound with the darker, rolling tekstep feel, with scratching and turntablism techniques involved, Snyper had developed a very unique style, making dancefloors explode wherever he touches down.

*MC Futuretense (Koldfront, Scrunchrecordings.com, fwdkru, Pointofcontact, J): Currently running Scrunch Recordings, the countries most in demand dubplate and mastering house in the City of Brotherly Love, we welcome Jae Futuretense! Jae is the one responsible for dealing with artists such as Dylan and Loxy, Planet Of The Drums, Breakbeat Science, Sinthetix, Phunkateck and Dj Icey. Jae is considered to be one of the finest Drum and Bass emcees to hit the flooded streets of Philadelphia. He has lent his vocal talents to the likes of John B, Dj Lee, Shimon, J. Majik, Stakka, Skynet, Bailey and Cause4Concern, as well as all the hometown heros of Philadelphia. Hold tight, as The Futuretense flexs his rapid fire linguistics for the ATL crowd. The Future is looking Tense!!!

*DJ Bobby K (Euphoric Productions): NO BIO *DJ Egypt (Drow Productions): NO BIO *Shiv (Drow Productions, Cytokenetic): NO BIO *Iron Chef (Drow Productions): NO BIO *DJ Proximal (Playground): NO BIO *DJ Twitchafect: NO BIO

DIRECTIONS: FROM NC/SCTake I-85 S to I-285 East - Take Exit #95 and proceed East on I-285. Exit Memorial Drive (Exit #41), take left at light, and The Atrium is 2 miles ahead on your right.

From TN/KY: Take I-75 S to I-285 East. Proceed East on I-285. Exit Memorial Drive (Exit #41). Take a left at light, and The Atrium is 2 miles ahead On your right.

From AL: Take I-20 E through Atlanta to I-285 North - Proceed North on I-285. Exit Memorial Drive (Exit #41). Take a right at light, and The Atrium is 2 miles ahead on your right.

From FL: Take I-75 N to I-285 East - Proceed East on I-285. Exit Memorial Drive (Exit #41). Take a right at light, and The Atrium is 2 miles ahead on your right.


-- Anonymous, November 26, 2001



-- Anonymous, June 11, 2002

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