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Lots of centipedes or something similar in the basement! We are looking for a non-chemical solution. These critters are about 2" long, reddish brown in color and have lots of legs.

Also, does anyone know of a non-chemical way to get rid of flies in the attic?

Thank you in advance for your help.

-- Cordy (ckaylegian@aol.com), November 26, 2001


fly swatter,,and a shoe,, or a bigger centipede,, since they will eat smaller ones,, how about chickens?? they eat em

-- stan (sopal@net-port.com), November 26, 2001.

Diatamacious Earth.

-- Paul Wheaton (paul@javaranch.com), November 26, 2001.

My cats eat them but leave a nice pile of legs for me to clean up.

-- Ardie from WI (ardie54965@hotmail.com), November 26, 2001.

Glue boards. They catch everything! Including dust bunnies!

-- Kathy (catfish201@hotmail.com), November 26, 2001.


Exactly what are the glue boards. How would we make them up.


Diatamacious earth, will that work on the fly too?

-- Cordy (ckaylegian@aol.com), November 26, 2001.

Have you found where the caterpillars are coming in? Block entrances then use sticky boards - usually used for mice

As far as flies in the attic -- sounds like an Amityville Horror to me. Why are there flies in the attic? -- first thing you need to check. Then, how about good old fly paper streamers. You may need to go to an older hardware type store to find them.


-- MissJudi (jselig@clemson.edu), November 26, 2001.

I purchased the glue boards to catch mice, but found that you can catch just about anything with the things (kids, dog paws, shoes, kittens, dust bunnies)I buy glue boards wholesale from a local place: Brand name is "Catchmaster", by the Atlantic Paste & Glue Co., but there is a thread here about how to make them at home.

-- Kathy (catfish201@hotmail.com), November 26, 2001.

Thanks to everyone for your help.

-- Cordy (ckaylegian@aol.com), November 27, 2001.

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