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House was reposseswed in Oct 93, just rec letters now, Aug this year, returned - gone away, now rec letter threatening statutory demand, bankruptcy, all for curent husband, who owned property with previuos wife, we now have ajoint mortgage on own home. Not confirmed debt at all - the amount is twice as much as he remembers originally. Not sure wheathter to contact and try and settle - or play for time. Been told the 6 year voluntary rule is only if they could have found you in those 6 years, any advice welcome.

-- Julie Rogers (, November 26, 2001


I was in a meeting thismorning with the other sides solicitors (makes them sound like aliens hmmmmmm). When I brought this matter up I was told that the CML rules state that they would not chase if no contact had been established before 2000. Who are the people chasing you?

Jon S

-- Jon S (, November 26, 2001.

Quite correct. If no contact was made before 11/2/2000 then by the CML's agreement they have only 6 years to chase. If the letters you got were after this I would ask why they are not acting within the CML agreement as more than 6 years passed before contact was made.

It is likely that they will respond by saying they sent letters on dates before this - ask where they were sent and for copies. In my case letters were sent to an address at which I did not live so no 'contact' was made.

-- Matt (, November 26, 2001.

Ok her's the fuller picture - can anyone help?

I am trying to 'pen' my first letter to the solicitors of Bradford and Bingley BS and in truth am struggling - could you help me? This is the story so far; My husband and his ex wife had their property repossessed in October 1993, they had thought they were a month in arears, went in the BS and tried to agree a plan to pay the arrears over the next 3 months, the local branch said they would have to get it ok'd by HQ, so they went on hols, when they got back the had a 14 day letter saying they were being repossessed the amount o/s was 17,000, they contacted thecouncil and got a new home, moved out and handed over the keys, ( don't ask me why they did not query it - i havent got a clue) He had been unemployed for a year or so and the Dept of Social Security would at that time of paid - i beleive ( i am checking into this) there is no paperwork whatsoever to be found - i think his ex burned it. Anyway so that was Oct 93, in Aug this year we rec a letter for my husband, asking for contact etc, i returned it gone away. We have now rec a letter Nov 8th saying they will serve a statutory demand next with various threats. I am firstly undecided whether to reply from our address or use another address ( WE now have a joint mortgage) to perhaps say in future we are seperated - if they come after our house, i 've resigned myself to that fact we will probably have to settle at soem point but they are asking for 30,000 NOW.

-- julie rogers (, November 28, 2001.

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