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I live in NC and attend parties around here on a regular basis. I stumbled upon this site on accident but enjoyed greatly the content herein. So many questions that made me laugh. Questions like how do you (rave dance) and things of that nature had me rolling on the floor laughing. People who finished there statements with PLUR were another hilarious addition to this expirience. Just get out there and dance wierdo's quit worrying about other peoples opinions. The whole glow stix with strings thing is just an annoying addiotion to parties and folks that enjoy just dancing are sorely bothered by some wacko with strings and glow stix waving around in some chaotic circle takin up a large swath of the dance floor. I was bothered by people instructing folks to take drugs to learn how to dance. That was idiocy and everyone that agree's with that statement should be punched repeatedly in the face! Just go and have fun at the damn party and enjoy the Mad amounts of work the DJ's are supplying by dancing your heart out. Fuck drugs, Fuck kandee kids, and fuck glowstix! Dont ask questions on how to dance because no one really knows. This isnt like a damn coreography thing where you get out and practice for hours and hours for just a few min of looking good. Its on going and the dance is always changing. Create your own routine and be a pioneer of the (rave) scene by watching as people begin to mimic you. PLUR is about the most useless thing ive ever heard about. Thats something the older generation of (ravers) were promoting but something the new generation cares nothing about. They may say the words but they dont follow them. Well i had a blast reading some of these posts and im hoping to have even more fun when irate Kandee kids reply lol! Have a good one everyone. -AcE

-- Anonymous, November 26, 2001


hahahaha.........this is all sad but true

-- Anonymous, December 01, 2001

lol.. what's worse is that I used to be like that untill I finally bought a cd, turned out all the lights so I couldn't See myself and just started dancing.. when I finally turned the light on to watch myself in the mirror, I realized I looked pretty damn interesting.. :) but think about it, weren't you the same way when you First started something?? techno (whatever genre it may be) and the dancing is just something different from anything I've ever encountered.. anyway, I don't know why candy kids do what they do (maybe they just have issues that are so strong they keep on or whatever) and I don't know why exactly anyone does Anything, so I'm going to try not to judge anyone out there.. I just hope everyone will ignore and keep their mouths shut about those who irritate them.. but beat their face in if they're bashing on someone else. =)

-- Anonymous, December 02, 2001

I completely agree with you, man. It's pretty funny, "HOW TO RAVE." It is a pretty entertaining thing. Later, everyone.

-- Anonymous, April 05, 2002

yo, kandee is dead, but strings are inovative, and mixing it up with break dancing and pop and lock is crazy, its a new tech style that people dont really do...pluk...peave love unity kill....whats this scene come to...its kind of played out, and it seems to be commercialized way to much, underground is great, and ill stick with it till the end

-- Anonymous, November 09, 2002

i think when u dance rave, you just have to enjoy yourself and dance like no one's looking at you... don't worry about what people say or think about you, just enjoy dancing.. nobody cares about what u doin on the dancefloor everybodys doing their own thing

-- Anonymous, January 08, 2005

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