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Howdy, thought I would test the waters and "fish" for anyone interested in trading hunting or fishing trips. I am a former outfitter (fishing, hunting and rafting) who still enjoys getting out and chasin' critters. I live in Western Oregon, but hunt and fish her all. We have Blacktail (western side), Mule Deer (eastern side), and even some White Tail, though hunting opportunities for Whitetail are more limited. We also have Roosevelt and Rocky Mountain Elk. I bow hunt and rifle hunt as well. Have some private land to hunt on the west side, along with lots of good public ground on both sides. Have access to private turkey hunting as well (Rio Grande's). If you haven't heard of Turkey in Oregon, you will. Done a coupla TV shows which went nation wide (Northwest Hunter and Realtree Adventures with Rob Keck (NWTF VP.) and Bill himself. Had great success with both.

As for fishing, opporunities are too numerous to mention. Have a house on the famous Mckenzie River I could put you up in with excellent trout fishing, and Salmon and Steelhead (May-July best)in season. Also fish the Columbia hard for salmon in August/September. Wanna catch a sturgeon? That could be arranged. How about Smallmouth Bass? Umpqua's loaded with them. I can guarantee you at least 50, with 100 ^ possible if you fish hard!

Anyway, I'll see to it you have a fine time in Oregon, if you can do the same for me somewhere else. I'll take one or two people at a time on an adventure of our mutual choosing. You WILL enjoy yourself, it will be my prime directive. No BS, no $ switching hands (we will of course pay for our own expenses), just a good old fashioned trade, which I hope could create a good old fashioned friendship. Nothing better than a good hunting/fishing partner, even if they do live a ways away (I hope my wife doesn't read this;^). It would be nice if you could provide some sort of housing (depending on where you wanna go, I can provide everything from a house to a wall tent with camping gear). If need be we could split a motel, but I would prefer a bed or a sleeping bag away from the pavement. This would significantly ease the burden on the person/people travelling, as they would only need to bring personal items (sleeping bag, clothes, guns/rods etc.).

I would drool over (but I clean up my own messes) the opportunity to hunt for a nice Mule Deer or Whitetail. Moose or Caribou would also be awesome as well. It would be nice to be able to drive there in 2 days or less, but I would fly for the right opportunity. Anybody got a secret honeyhole where the big bucks or fat dandy fish live? Wanna share? Then reply!!

-- Charlie P. (, November 25, 2001

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