equal responsibility?

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I left my abusive husband five years ago. He stayed in the house, there were no arrears then and I continued to support the mortgage as much as I could, and paid for some repairs to the house. He lived in it, didn't pay the mortgage and I have had a letter from solicitors claiming the full amount. It has now been repossessed, i wrote and said I couldn't pay. I've heard that we are jointly responsible for the debt as it was in both our names, does this mean equally? When I have not lived there?I am worried sick by this, does anybody know what is likely to happen.

-- sarah webster (sarahweb82@hotmail.com), November 24, 2001


I was in a simular situation to you, only difference being i did a voluntary repo, building society despite it being in joint names have only ever chased me as they stated they knew where is was, & i was the easier target, i asked the same question as you that surely we were both equally responsible for the mortgage but i was advised that they will pursue either one of us whichever is their best option, which apparently is me. My ex just ignores everything & gets away with it but because i have put up a fight with details obtained from this site as i have got more to loose than him they are now taking me to court & not him. There is no justice. I would suggest you follow this site carefully, get a solicitor if you can afford it. look at do's & dont's section on this site. Some mp's can be very helpful as well. Above all don't panic they can't take what you haven't got. take care ellie

-- ellie attwell (ell793@aol.com), November 25, 2001.

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