Who has the right to sell my house now I have reposs order?

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I have received a repossession order and due to be evicted on or before 15 January 2002. My husband walked out and left me with huge mortgage arrears and debts. I have one child. Friends of mine would dearly love to buy my house at a good price, who is responsible for selling my house ? Is it the lender (Kensington Mortgage Co) or me? If me, I could not do it as I have no funds. Cannot afford a lawyer and as I work full time I am not eligible for legal aid. My husband has disappeared abroad. Thanks for any help you can give me. aishabutler@lilneone.net

-- Judi Butler (aishabutler@lineone.net), November 24, 2001


Provided you cover the mortgage - including the arrears - its yours to sell between now and 15/1/02. If you can't complete the sale by then you'd need to take stuff to court evidencing that the sale was in progress and in fact well underway. If your friends want the house and can afford it, get them to pay your fees.

-- (bluemoon_andy@hotmail.com), November 25, 2001.

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