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I'm one of the original US Scapheap lovers, fell in love with the show the first time I saw it way back when TLC (the network showing it in the US) first piloted it. The US version has been allright, but is not nearly as good as the original British version, besides I miss Robert, the British humor and most of all...I want more Scrapheap! If anyone knows where I can get all the season four (British) shows and the Season 3 Xmas Special (none of which we have been able to view in the US) please contact me, I know about the issues surrounding the PAL format; however, I have access to a world format VCR which I can use to convert them myself to NTSC. If there are any loyal British fans with those episodes on tape who would be willing to send them to me (shipping paid of course) please get in touch with me!

A Yank Lover, Ben Franske

-- Ben Franske (, November 23, 2001

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