where is the place to buy an Ashford traditional spinning wheel at the lowest price????

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I hope to buy my Ashford traditional spinning wheel by the end of this year or the beginning of 2002. I have a Cumberland General Store catalog and also some info from Delta's Spindle...

But where have you shopped and gotten the best price? I want to make certain they are reliable too. thanks!

-- Suzy in Bama (slgt@yahoo.com), November 23, 2001


Try the WoolRag. Email:Info@wooworks.com.They have value packs and will beat any other dealers price by 5%.You also get a cash certificate for $4o.oo for other things.They also have lay a way. I bought a Ashford Country spinner from them last year and they paid the shipping also.I doubt if you could get a better deal.They are reliable and send a newsletter. Terry Lipe

-- Theresa Lipe (elipe@fidnet.com), November 23, 2001.

I am sorry. That email is Info@woolworks.com. Terry.

-- Terry Lipe (elipe@fidnet.com), November 23, 2001.

Woodland Woolworks, Carlton, Oregon. Customercare@woolworks.com Phone 1 800 547 3725.

Great people to deal with. My Shirley and I were there last August. We camp in their large shipping dock lot overnite and Shirley traded in a Louet wheel for a Joy Ashford. ( I could not pass the special sale on a electric spinner.)

You will find new and used trade ins there.

Enjoy that fiber art. JR

-- JR (jr3star@earthlink.net), November 23, 2001.

I got mine for $35.00 from an ad in the paper. Private party. I would consider checking with fiber arts retailers (whether or not there's one by you or not.) They often have bulletin boards, etc. Good luck and happy spinning!

-- sheepish (WA) (the_original_sheepish@Hotmail.com), November 23, 2001.

Hi Suzy, There is a good source of spinning wheels and such supplies at Kokovoko out of somewhere in Ky. I've dealt with her (Leslie) in the past she's great help for beginers. She did have a used pages but I haven't been there for a while. Just type in Kokovoko and do a internet search. Linda

-- Linda (awesomegodchristianministries@yahoo.com), November 23, 2001.

Why not try the makers web site at http://www.ashford.co.nz ?

-- john hill (john@cnd.co.nz), November 24, 2001.

Why not call the towns w/in several mile and get the names of the spinning/weaving gilds and contact them. Someone may be up grading or not interested anymore!Good luck!

-- Debbie T in N.C. (rdtyner@mindspring.com), November 24, 2001.

I'm checking with some guilds in neighboring counties (the closest is about 50 miles away) but so far no luck.

-- Suzy in Bama (slgt@yahoo.com), November 24, 2001.

Last year I wanted to give my wife a nice Ashford spinning wheel as a Christmas gift. I looked at many sources and found wheels in all conditions and all price ranges. In the end, I found a brand new, never assembled, Ashford Elizabeth polished walnut spinning wheel that had been in the original box for nearly 25 years on eBay. The lady selling the wheel and her husband were moving into a smaller home and she decided to sell the wheel, numerous accessories, yarn and all. I bid $150.00 on it and won. My wife was really surprised and very happy with the unit. The most fun was when Santa had to put the wheel together. My wife does beautiful knitting, but is still in the learning mode on her wheel. I just checked on eBay (11/24) and saw several Ashford wheels for sale. A very nice Elizabeth model will end today and had a $300 bid on it. There were also new models available on eBay for $795, and with a chair $895. If you have time, I'd suggest putting the Ashford wheel on eBay as a watch-for item. Here are two other sites you may want to look at, both have some nice stuff: www.coppermoose.com and www.applehollow.com. Good luck in your search.

-- Ed (ecpubs@lynchburg.net), November 24, 2001.

Try the Spinners' and Weavers' Housecleaning Pages: http://together.net/~kbruce/kbbfiber.html Lots of used wheels there :

-- Toni Rakestraw (dabblmom@aol.com), November 24, 2001.

I checked ebay and they have several for sale.

-- Kate henderson (kate@sheepyvalley.com), November 25, 2001.

I bought mine just a few weeks ago from http://www.applehollow.com/ I also orded a set of cards. They will answer your questions promptly. If you want to email me feel free.

-- Pat in ND (khejlik@polarcomm.com), November 26, 2001.

the woolery has always been good to me. They have a sight also

-- Novina in ND (homespun@stellarnet.com), November 29, 2001.

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