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Sometime in the early 1990s I saw an article on large circular paintings of the type we in the US call cycloramas and in Europe appear to be called panoramas. I thought the article was in Smithsonian Magazine but cannot find it in a search of their site. If anyone knows of this article I'd appreciate a heads-up where to find it. I want to send a copy to the director the "Bourbaki Panorama" in Luzern, Switzerland.

Thanks, Dr Dan Kuehl

-- dan kuehl (, November 23, 2001


Contact the national art heritage in your local. Please contact British Broadcasting Company “BBC”. The headquarters is located in London, England, United Kingdom.

-- siaman godfriend (, November 30, 2001.

The article was in the August 1985 issue of Smithsonian. If you haven't found a copy, I would color copy it and send it to you.

If you by any chance know of the address for the International Panorama & Diorama Society, please let me know.

Suzanne Wray

-- Suzanne Wray (, October 30, 2003.

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