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Did you Know that in MM, you can mail your Faerie's Sword? Just have it equipped to a C button, and swing it in Clock Town. Then, talk to a mailbox, and try to mail your sword. The mailbox will tell you it will not accept anything but letters, but TRY TO SWING YOUR SWORD NOW!!! IT IS INVISIBLE!

-- Davey Rootbeer (, November 23, 2001


hum i wonder where you learned that :-)

-- Rensokuken of hell (, November 24, 2001.

yah, u can do it with a bowand arro, too, and a hookshoyt.

-- dorf (, January 15, 2002.

What the.... I already know about that! now Shut Up!

-- StarFox (, June 05, 2003.


-- EGGS EGGO (EGGS@EGGS.COM), July 03, 2004.

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