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I am presently overhauling a Minox 35 GL. I had to remove the front ring of the lens barrel, which is attached to the fitting of the front lens by three small screws. The problem is that the ring can be attached at different orientations on the front-lens fitting; as far as I could see there is no particular mark telling you which orientation is correct, such that the lens is focused at infinity when the focusing arrow points to the infinity symbol on the ring. Does anyone out there know how to find the correct infinity setting? Mick

-- Mick Feuerbacher (, November 23, 2001


The correct orientation is the one which leaves the smallest gap between the ring and the focus arrow index fixture

-- martin tai (, November 23, 2001.

I removed the front ring of my 35GTE to find out whether it would be easy to insert a piece of red foil (for B&W photography), only to find that there doesn't seem to be an indication how to put the ring back on. Care should be taken to note down the exact focus distance at which the ring was taken off! It took me a couple of test shots to get it perfect again.

-- Peter van de Haar (, November 27, 2001.

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