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Kindly pls explain how do i access db server thru tcl program (script or maunually)

i keep getting this error message whenever i run the program even after repetitive attempts to debug the program

error message --> cannot access db-server: oralogon: oralogon failed in orlon

wondering what can possibly be causes of the error i receive.

thanks a million

-- alvin lee (, November 23, 2001


First, I highly recommend you check out the mailing list for oratcl - it provides a lot more support than I can. I believe you can subscribe to that mailing list using the interface at .

Second, at first blush, it would seem to me that what Oratcl is telling you is that either the oracle login id or oracle password (being used in your script) is incorrect.

-- Larry W. Virden (, January 02, 2002.

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