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After a couple of letters between Abbey and myself after I'd complained about the way DLA were dealing with it, I seem to have hit a wall. When I originally took out the mortgage the MIG was missold. As many times as I raise this point they "note my comments", tell me how MIG's should work and that's it. At no time have they addressed this point at all. This morning I received a letter from a Manager of Borrower Settlements, Property Sales & Litigation, stating that she is satisfied that my points have been dealt with and as such "no further correspondence will be entered into from this department" and I should contact the Financial Ombudsman if I want to take the matter further.

Does anyone have any ideas what this means and what the next step should be? I've got to admit I'm at a total loss now and feeling quite deflated! Thanks Jo

-- Jo Berry (, November 22, 2001

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