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In your opinion, do you think that the New cartoony Gamecube Zelda will be better/worse than the the 3d technology of MM and OOT?

-- Davey Rootbeer (, November 22, 2001


Gamecube version is better considering its only the beggining cinematic scene that mostly uses the cartoon POV. Its mostly the new cgi graphics and 1st person pov that makes it a lot better that majoras mask (mm) and ocorina of time (oot).

-- Rensokuken of hell (, November 22, 2001.

We will learn to like it. But they have gottin so much hack about it I am sure they will change the 2nd version back to 3D.

-- Tator (you@cant.resist), November 22, 2001.

Yes, well, I have seen the scenes from the game that were released at Space World 2000. The pics of a more agile, graceful Link that seemed to descend the heights of reality in video games (maybe I'm being a tad overdramatic) were repaced with the cartoon character-like version. If it's true that the cartoon scenes are only in the intro, then perhaps the continuation of the fabled Zelda series will make a smooth transition to gamecube. You can see the preview of the new Legend of Zelda game in GAMEINFORMER magazine, October 2001 issue.

-- Davey Rootbeer (, November 22, 2001.

hehehe -_-.

-- Vincent V. (, November 24, 2001.

Wow.... what a great drawing of the new Link, Vinny! You should be an artist!

-- Davey Rootbeer (, November 24, 2001.


-- dorf (, January 15, 2002.

After watching the new Zelda video 4 or 5 times, all I can saw is WOW. People are bashing Nintendo without a good reason. The main thing people are focusing on is the scene of Zelda running and grabbing a chandalere, BUT if they had watched the video carefully, and paid attention to the actual in game shots, they would have been blown away. It has stuck VERY close to the 64 style, with a new cartoony feel to it. The gameplay and angle stil looks the same, the sounds are wonderful, and the new graphics system will open up so many new oppertunities. This game is going to be the best Zelda game to date, I am very excited.

-- Gary Whittle (, March 26, 2002.

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