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Is this just a Zelda forum or is it also a Nintendo Forum?

-- Tator (you@cant.resist), November 22, 2001


And just a thought. Put the New Questions on top. And add more catagories.

Long live Zelda, Ruler of Hyrule!

-- Tator (you@cant.resist), November 22, 2001.

YES!!! THANK YOU!!! FINALLY an true Zelda fan. I KNEW this day would come. I Just started this forum 11/20/01, so I haven't had much time to work on it. Promise, though... New categories are coming...

You can talk about other Nintendo games. (personally, I think Nintendo kicks the c**p out of Playstation, Dreamcast, et al.)

It's all cool.

-- Davey Rootbeer (, November 22, 2001.

Yeah Link kicks ASS!!! Link he come to town he come to save princess zelda he is quick and he's fast and he does kick some asss.

-- Rensokuken of hell (, November 22, 2001.

Have you seen GC games yet. They are like Mini Disk. You cant play DVDs and CDs or nothing but I want a video game system that plays video game really well. Not a DVD that plays them somewhat.

-- Tator (you@cant.resist), November 22, 2001.

Link! He come to town! Come to SAVE! The princess Zelda! Ganon stole her away, now the children don't play, but they will, when Link saves the day, HALLEUAH!! Now link! fill up your hearts, so you can shoot, your sword with power. And when your feeling all down, the fairy will come around, so you'll be brave, and not be seen as a coward... Now Link *YAY!* has saved the day, put Ganon! in his grave. So now Zelda is free, and now our hero shall be, Link, I think, your name shall go down in history!! ~System of a Down, "Legend of Zelda"

-- Zero_6ix (, November 22, 2001.

Well, that's why GC sells for $100 less than X-box or PS2.

-- Davey Rootbeer (, November 22, 2001.

The new controlers are a trip. I wonder how they will work out on fighting games.

-- Tator (you@cant.resist), November 22, 2001.

I believe there is a special adapter out for such games.

WHEEEEE!!! ...Sorry 'bout that.

-- Davey Rootbeer (, November 24, 2001.

does anyone know where to download the S.O.A.D link song

-- Jay B (, August 02, 2002.

Yep, you can D/L it on KaAzA, or IM me on AIM, S/n "Davey Rootbeer", and I'll send it to ya...

-- Davey Rootbeer (, August 02, 2002.

that song is not SOAD its Group X

-- Andrew Smith (, February 23, 2004.

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