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have got a defence/counterclaim in with court cab are helping me they have stated that unless i withdraw the above and provide a submission then they will no longer be able to help me as they are not experienced in this particular field. Is this the right advice, i am totally lost as i was advised to go to them for help/advice but it seems they are just siding with the lender. comments please

ta dennis

-- dennis blakemore (, November 21, 2001


CAB will not become embroiled in a legal battle; as an advisor to a Defendant as they can be called by the Court. They will not attend, nor will they assist with mortgage shortfall defences. Technically, their mandate is just to provide general advice. To be honest, having been given poor advice by them on several occasions, I would avoid relying on them anyway.

-- Too scared to say (, November 22, 2001.

Sorry about the rogue semi-colon. I deleted a rather cutting comment about the CAB and failed to correct my punctuation...

-- Too scared to say (, November 22, 2001.

CAB? Pah! - my experience wes that gave me a lot of very supportive and very comforting words then tried to get me to start paying or even better, to go bankrupt! - They wasted my time!

-- John Cartwright (, December 01, 2001.

I am a debt caseworker employed by CAB. I can assure you that I get embroiled in legal battles both in and out of Court. I have negotiated with all of the big lenders and their lawyers, I have secured many mortgage shortfall write offs, in fact, the National Association of Citizens Advice Bureaux has Social Policy evidence negotiated with Abbey National and Eversheds during April 2000 which can be obtained from CABx and is very useful material to use when dealing with Eversheds. Sometimes, clients have to hear information that they do not want to hear, and this is when you get the negative reports of CABx. Actually, we only ever give clients options, and then try to help the client by empowering them the help themselves. We are impartial, independent and do not 'take sides'. If you are not happy with the options you have been given by the CAB, ask to speak with the Manager or make an appointment to see the Money Advisor who will be happy to discuss your case in more detail.

-- A M David (, December 05, 2001.

Not my experience of most South London CAB's and one in West Sussex. Totally inept and contradictory advice given, by Office Managers as well as staff....sorry! Nice to hear about the exceptions though.

-- Too scared to say (, December 05, 2001.

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