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How many pagan faiths have you encountered? Can you name them all?

-- Wes Kinsler (, November 21, 2001


Pagan, as defined as any non-christian-judeao-muslim humanistic (ie, Vitruvian) or earth-based faith. Or, as defined as the revitalization of dormant religions of previous cultures, ie, Grecco-Roman, Celtic, Egyptian, Sumarian, etc.

-- Agnostical Wes (, November 27, 2001.

If Adam could name all the animals and plants, and pharmeceutical companies can name all their new drugs, surely it wouldn't take very long to name all the pagan faiths.

-- Aimless (, November 21, 2001.

To count how many Pagan Faiths there are first Pagan has to be clearly defined. To a Christian, someone who isn't Christian would be a Pagan.

-- J. MacKenzie M. Horton (, November 25, 2001.

What's in a name? So many faiths, so many similarities... They all are based on trying to instill good in the masses. Some just get carried away with the Holierthanthou and the Besubservienttoman.

-- LetItSnow (snow@lotso', November 29, 2001.

Okay, I'm doing a project on PAGANS. I'm in NO WAY bashing the Pagan Faith. I'm just doing research on this faith. Can someone please help me out?

Well, the word PAGAN is often described as:

"an irreligious and or hedonistic person" "heathen" "Non-Christian"

"Gentile was applied to the other nations of the earth as distinguished from the Jews. Pagan was the name given to idolaters in the early Christian church, because the villagers, being most remote from the centers of instruction, remained for a long time unconverted. Heathen has the same origin. Pagan is now more properly applied to rude and uncivilized idolaters, while heathen embraces all who practice idolatry."

"a person who does not acknowledge your God"

Now, I know that Pagans do in fact have several gods. I'm sorry if I've offended anyone. I'm just a typical Christian Male. I for one do not believe in the Pagan faith, but I'm not going to bash it either. Please help me out. I really do need some help finding out how many differents parts of Paganism are there in the World as of now!!!

-- dnevilchisholm (wouldn't you like to know) (, January 16, 2003.

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