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I want to remind everyone, adults and children, that a person on the Internet can be anything they want to be. What I mean is, a person can say they are a 59-year-old female living in Wisconsin, but it isn't necessarily true! All types of unethical people prowl the Internet, searching for victims. Please don't be too trusting. Parents should be sure to vigilant when children are on the computer as pedophiles find victims easily in forums and chatrooms.

-- Ardie from WI (, November 21, 2001


Good warning, Ardie. I just signed up to PalTalk and as I tried to get my feet on the ground a "mature male" wanted to "chat." I guess I'll have to change my name or account; I registered as Jarama, the two initials of each name, so I guess it looks feminine and attracts such people. *Sigh*

-- Randal (, November 21, 2001.

Fooey! Should have remembered that before I let the cat out of the bag that I'm an old lady on a porch in Alabama with a mess of chickens and some big dogs...can I take it all back now after two years of posting and be...let's see, 32 and gorgeous????? Nah.

-- lesley (, November 22, 2001.

Just invent a virtual identity and go after it, gorgeous. ;-)

-- Randal (, November 22, 2001.

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